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Our Mascots


"What a small world!" 

P7060005.JPG (444210 bytes)It's amazing just who you'll meet while on vacation.  Queen Marilyn and her husband Dave were enjoying a day at Huntington State Park Beach in Murrells Inlet South Carolina over the 4th of July when who popped out of a hole in the sand?  Regina!!!!  Regina happened to be taking a vacation in SC at the same time.  What a small world!

P7060002.JPG (365559 bytes)Pulling up her beach chair the three traveling buddies swapped stories about their lives since they'd seen each other last year and laughed about the previous vacations they've enjoyed together.  They played in the sand and swam in the ocean and had a great time.  Wanting to take a break from the heat and hot sun, and since this was Regina's last day of vacation, Queen Marilyn and Dave invited her to spend the rest of the day with them doing what Regina loves best, shopping!!!!!

The afternoon found them wandering through antique shops.  Image the surprise when Queen Marilyn and Regina walked into J & J Antiques and spied a mannequin wearing a purple dress, purple boa, and a red hat!!!!  Well Queen Marilyn just had to ask the lady behind the counter if she was a Red Hatter and the answer was not only "yes" but that the shop had a RED HAT ROOM!!!!!!  Ah, nothing like the familiar site of red hats, purple clothes, and everything red hat.  The shop is owned by Queen Mother Joyce of the Rose Red Hatters of Pawleys Island and she has a wonderful selection of items for any Red Hatter.

P7060008.JPG (310289 bytes)Distracting Dave by leading him into a room with oil lamps, which he collects, they ran back to the Red Hat Room so fast so that they could try on hats and look at all the items and jewelry.  Not fooling anyone, Dave found us and laughed along with us at the stories we told all about each of our chapter's adventures.  He even took a picture of us with our new best Red Hat sisters.

P7070022.JPG (337745 bytes)With an oil lamp and several red hat purchases we traveled to the shrimp dock seafood market in Georgetown to purchase fresh grouper and shrimp for dinner that evening.  Regina made a new friend by the dock, a white egret who was trying to sneak a shrimp or two from the market.  Dave made Regina a going away supper that was meant for a princess.  We made a toast and a promise to see each other again next summer before Regina headed back to her hotel hopping across the golf course and into the sunset.


Introducing Lolly, Lady Clucks-A-Lot

lll.jpg (448900 bytes)Our mascot Roberta has just been beside herself since Regina decided to move back to the Carolinas.  Contessa Carole has tried her best to cheer Roberta up but to no avail.  She attended our Holiday Party but she stayed near the tree instead of joining the festivities.  She's even been featured as our Flower of the Month but alas, she still misses Regina.  That is until one fateful afternoon on the first day of February in the year 2006. . .

Roberta was just tagging along with Contessa Carole and Carole's granddaughter Kate while they ran errands and shopped.   Roberta always enjoys a good day of shopping and they thought this might cheer her up.  Little did they know just how cheerful Roberta would become.

Contessa Carole had to stop at the butchers on their way home. Well, let me tell you, Roberta hasn't liked the butcher since she walked by the specialty section of the butcher's case and spied a case of frozen frogs legs.  Roberta became paralyzed with fright in fear that they'd think she was next to be served.  Especially since the fate of Regina Renee's father was still so fresh in her mind.  She was so scared she croaked!

Lolly1.jpg (43734 bytes)As she backed away from the case, she found herself backing through the swinging doors of the back room where the meat is packaged and priced.  Oh, my!!!  So many thighs, butts and breasts!!!  Suddenly a tiny voice was heard saying, "Excuse me, would you tell me where I am?"  Always curious she came face-to-face with a poor, sad chicken wearing only a purple polka dot bikini with a matching ribbon in her comb.  "My name is Lolly and I was traveling to Fort Lauderdale where I purchased a retirement home in a swanky trailer park.  I do believe that I took the wrong truck."  Looking around Roberta whispered, "You’re a long way from Florida, my dear.  You've landed in a butcher shop and I think you're next on the chopping block!"

As fast as you can sing "Pick a little, talk a little, pick a little, talk a little, cheep,lclregina.jpg (33422 bytes) cheep, cheep, talk a lot, pick a little more" three times, Roberta whispered, "a croaking frog and a cackling hen, always come to a no good end.  Here, put on my red hat and poncho and follow me."

Like the great escape in "Chicken Run" they brushed past Contessa Carole who was standing at the counter talking with the butcher.  Kate gave a puzzled look and said, "Gran, did you see that?"  Carole raised one eyebrow and said, "What is Roberta up to now."

lolly3.jpg (68989 bytes)Approaching the car, Contessa Carole found Roberta and Lolly plotting the next best plan for Lolly's travels.  Roberta politely asked Contessa Carole if Lolly could stay with them until she could book a flight to Florida.  Happily agreeing, Roberta and Lolly sat in the back seat croaking and cackling about the fun Roberta has with the Victorian Bouquets.  All agreed that Lolly would havelolly4.jpg (72044 bytes) a wonderful time too visiting with all of the ladies of the bouquet so she was titled "Lady Clucks-A-Lot" and hopes to attend an event real soon.  But that's another story . . .






Regina says "Farewell"

Regina Renee wishes to say a loving farewell to the Flowers of the Victorian Bouquet, whom have been so gracious and accepting of her as their Pink Hat Mascot.

Regina's heart has been pining for her "Carolina Moon" for sometime now.  It has actually been two years since she has heard the soothing croaks of her sweet Mother, and siblings.  She feels now that her father, Sampson, had recently become a delicacy to some thoughtless tourist who wanted to experience Southern fried frog legs, (He was a Goliath frog...the largest, so you can imagine the size of his legs!...YUMMY?) that this was a sign that it was now time to hop home and do what she can to keep the family together.

Regina will miss her Red and Pink Hat sisters and hopes to return for a visit sometime in the future.

We wish Regina God's speed in her hop home.





Roberta travels to North Carolina ...

It was that time of year again when Contessa Carole and Ivanhoe were making plans for their annual vacation to the mountains to enjoy the beauty of the autumn leaves.  Roberta and Regina were invited to accompany them once again to the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina.

Regina, realizing the probability of creeks, rocks and dirt, graciously declined and with disappointment in her voice, offered to stay behind and take advantage of the solitude without family and "dogs" chuckling and pointing fingers, to teach Chloe and Cherry some much needed etiquette lessons.  She would teach them such common courtesies as, "Don't leave the litter box without completely covering your duty...and certainly don't leave until completely finished!"  Another very crucial rule, "When realizing a fur ball is imminent, don't hack it up in the middle of the hallway in the dark of night upon which barefeet may skate!"  Enough about Regina's good intentions.

Roberta decided to invite Mavis along anticipating the fun they would have camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains and hiking the trails.  It would be good for Mavis to connect once again with the forest.

The trip was long, but the girls giggled and planned and looked forward to the adventure ahead.  After arriving safely, the tent was pitched and a fire built.  It was still early, but the girls retired so they would be fresh for the morning hike.

Contessa Carole had brought Roberta's mini jeep in which the girls could roam.  After much pushing and shoving, twisting and turning of Mavis' biscuits and legs to get her into the car, off they putted to find the best foothill path.

What beautiful sights to behold!!!  The red, gold, and orange foliage, the wonder of the mountains, the ripple of the clear creek water over the rocks! While enjoying their hike, the met a moose resting upon a rock studying his "Bear Grove Trail Map"

He invited them to sit a spell and while conversing, they learned he is a professor at Ashberry Theological Seminary in Kentucky.  He had come to the mountains to renew his spirit before returning to the classroom and his students.  The Professor was full of wonderful facts and anxious to share them. 

He told that the wooly worm, if entirely black, means a hard winter, however, if one end of the worm is light, that part of winter will be mild.  Another sign to watch for is, if you hear a hoot owl hollering late in the evening, it's a sign the weather will turn cold.

One fact Roberta was especially fascinated by, was there will be as many snows this winter as there were frogs in August.....or was that fogs?

Time seemed to pass much too quickly and Roberta and Mavis wanted soooo much to continue their talks with the Professor, so they asked if he would like to make camp with them and maybe hitch a ride home with C.C. and I.  He gladly accepted their kind invitation.

The next day, Roberta thought it would be nice to leave the two moose and give them time to talk "moosey" talk, so she joined C.C. and I on a day trip to a mountain farm museum to see how pastime settlers spent their days.

After the homestead visit, the threesome headed for "Cherokee Nation", where in the spirit of things, Roberta purchased an Indian headdress, bell bracelets, and an Indian rattle.  It's time to make some beautiful music together!!!!

C.C. had made plans to tour the Biltmore Mansion the next day and realizing her red curls had gone wild due to the great outdoors, Roberta asked to be dropped off at the "Curl Up & Dye Saloon" so she would look like a sophisticated lady invited to the mansion.  They call the salon a "saloon" because as they're clipping, coloring, processing, etc., they are filling your wine glass with "Biltmore Wine".  By the time you leave the shop, you don't care what you look like!

On the third day, C.C. said it was time for "A Break Today at McDonald's" for a happy meal treat. YUMMY! YUMMY!!   This is REAL food!!!

As they drew close to the camp, Roberta spotted a small, furry lump alongside the road and it was twitching!   OH! OH! HERE WE GO AGAIN!!  "STOP!" Some little creature is hurt!  Roberta and Mavis get out and what do their eyes behold?? A sweet little groundhog had been stunned as she was tossed aside by a passing motorcycle.  Thankfully, she was okay.....just minor abrasions.

While comforting Ertha Hough, they discovered she too, was an orphan.  Mavis and Ertha bonded immediately.  "Can we keep her?? HUH?! Can we keep her PLEEEEASE!?!", cried Mavis and Roberta in unison.  Contessa Carole should realize by now that if she travels with Roberta, they are sure to bring home a stray!

That's how Ertha joined the happy campers!

Later that evening, everyone gathered around the campfire singing, and rejoicing about their new found friends.  Roberta wore her new headdress and played the guitar, Mavis wore the bell bracelets and shook the rattle, the Professor played the spoons, and Ertha played the harmonica.

They sang and played so beautifully that other animals, a bear, raccoon, and even a little toad from the creek, joined in.

The mountains were alive with "The Sound of Music"!

The next day, everyone piled into the car.  "Seat belts on!" and homeward bound they all went. 

The Professor was dropped off at the university and fond farewells were made with promises to keep in touch.

All in all, a wonderful time was had by everyone! 

... and to Manistique, Michigan

Once again, Roberta is packing for another adventure.  This time she is traveling with Contessa Carole and Ivanhoe.     

She blows kisses and waves a fond farewell to the "four stooges" with a teasing glint in her eye. Roberta is on her way for sun and fun to the Upper Peninsula town of Manistique, Michigan.

Along the way, her keen eye spots a handsome moose and just has to get out and show how friendly frogs can be.  Especially a lovely Red Hat Frog!!   Her heart goes a flutter!!  WHAT A BIG, TALL, STRONG, HANDSOME, BOY, HE IS!!!!  "Could HE be the ONE?!" ......UNTIL....this pretty young thing struts by and ..... (sigh)  OH,WELL! (sigh).

We arrive at the beach house and the wind seems to be perfect for a day of kite flying.  OH! OH! It's a little too windy and off goes Roberta,flying higher and higher!   "COME BACK, ROBERTA!!"

Thankfully, there was a ball of string unwinding! As Roberta seems to disappear,  we grab hold and pull her back.  Roberta crashes into a dune.  A little shook up and sand on her lips, Roberta decides Kite flying is a pastime she can do without!

TOO MUCH EXCITEMENT!!! Roberta really needs to relax and "unwind" and decides to rock on the waves and lounge in the sand.  A cool dip is in order too.

Most frogs love water, but Roberta has this sensitive skin that causes her one little problem when she get out of the water.....drying off.

Roberta offers to help with dinner.

A few sips of wine later....she can't seem to get upstairs!

By now, everyone knows what a soft heart Roberta has....Well, she saw a little moose in the woods and realizing hunting season is soon approaching, she befriends little orphaned Mavis. 

Before they knew it, Mavis was riding home with Contessa and Ivanhoe to roam their gardens and live in the playhouse in Westerville, Ohio.

Regina travels to New England

During the second week of August 2004, Regina traveled with Queen Marilyn, the Queen's husband Dave, and their children and families on a trip to New England.  She enjoyed the trip through four states before reaching their destination of Wild Goose Pond in Northwood New Hampshire. The first morning Princess Daughter rose early to enjoy the fog rising from the lake.  A loon swam by and a humingbird found it's way to the feeder.  The Princess Daughter stated that Hollywood couldn't have put on a better performance than Mother Nature.  Where was Regina?  She was sound asleep in the cabin.

Queen Marilyn and Princess Daughter enjoyed peddling their way around the shoreline in the paddle boat but Regina felt that paddling was far too much work, she wanted to take a spin in the motor boat instead.  After some practice, and some assistance from the Queen's husband, she mastered steering the boat.

Everyone enjoyed swimming in the clear water but Regina didn't feel like getting her hair wet as she had just gotten a new perm so she enjoyed swinging and keeping dry.

We took a day trip to Maine and visited the Nubble Light House in Cape Neddick (York Beach).  Regina enjoyed the view of the lighthouse....

... and loved the sound of the waves crashing into the rocks.

We purchased lobsters, mussels, and clams to bring back to camp to cook to prepare our very own lobster bake, complete with fresh corn-on-the-cob.  Once the food was prepared, everyone dug in before a photo could be taken of the dinner!  Butter, shells, and corn cobs where flying around the table so
fast.  Mmmmm, there is nothing better than fresh seafood.

On our last evening we all enjoyed sitting around the campfire and roasting marshmallows.

Regina told us some great stories and had us all laughing.  I think she may have heard a distant cousin croaking to her from the nearby lily pads.  Since she behaved herself, as well as pampered diva's do, we'll let her join us next year.

Roberta goes to San Diego ...

Before we could start on our adventure to sunny California, I had to go to work with Donna to help her clear up some loose ends on her desk. Whew! There's a reason they call her the Divine Diva of Disorder!

Finally, a few minutes to relax! I'm gonig to need a vacation after all this work. I've worked my fingers to the nub!

I stopped in the Data Entry Department to chat up the girls and look at the Essence Issue with the Hot Hollywood Men...I hope some of those guys make their way down to san Diego while I'm there!

Finally, on the road! Josh and Lindsey had to work, and Donna was too chicken to drive on the freeway here, so we've been hanging out in the apartment. So what if they have 6 lanes of traffic going in one direction and it takes 45 minutes to drive 11 miles?

On Saturday, Josh and Lindsey took us to Carlsbad. It was a beautiful day. I'd forgotten what sunshine was like. Do the thermometers even go up over 60 degrees in Columbus? Here we are at the Flower Fields. Miles and miles of flowers, as far as you can see.

Whew! We walked around the entire field, literally miles and miles. I'm just going to take a little siesta here among the flowers.

On Sunday we went to Old Town San Diego, one of the oldest settlements in Southern CA. Here I am Llama riding. He could have used a little Febreeze.

But most of the time we just lounged by the pool. I'm glad I thought to bring my two-piece swim suit. Oh, cabana boy, could you bring me some cocoa butter?

 ... and to Texas for Thanksgiving 2003

OK?. It is the end of November right? So why is it when I stepped off the plane, I thought I my lips would melt? It was like Indian Summer, Part 20. Then I looked at Shelley and her husband. They were actually enjoying it, and I must admit, after I peeled out of my down coat, fleece pullover and turtleneck, it was quite pleasant.

As we were driving to Thanksgiving dinner, I was thinking of the upcoming feast. Oyster stuffing. Mashed potatoes. Pumpkin Pie. Yum!

Is that what I got? Nope. What I got was smoked ham, turkey yes, stuffing, no. They had "dressing", some concoction made with cornbread; yes cornbread, hard-boiled eggs and sage. They had cranberries, but the crazy dopes put Jalapeno peppers in them! I thought it would take the top of my head off. Mashed potatoes, forget that, they had sweet potatoes. Then add a little glass Beaujolais and suddenly a world of new traditions open up. Pecan Pie let me tell you is pronounced Puh-con. Don't ever tell them its pronounced Pee-can. They will go off on you and tell you some weird out house story. Ah well, it their state tree, let them pronounce it however they want, just make sure I have enough to go in a pie! Yum! The rest of the day is a haze of indulgence.

The next day, after a frantic morning of shopping, it was time to get on to the next thrill. Bring on the Cowboys!!! Not the football kind, the yip-I-tai-yi-yeah kind. We had to fuel up before our hunting expedition, so we stopped at Chili's, a Texas original, and lo and behold, we hit the mother load. As the ladies in Texas say, "Girlfriend, I'm having me a hot flash that's got nothing to do with the change!" I found some long tall Texas cowboys with jeans so tight; they looked like they had been painted on. Where is my brush? I was so aflutter I could only drink 2 margaritas. The next thing I remember is thinking I'm on a cattle drive and standing next to these cattle skulls.

Then we went on a hunt for more cowboys. How we got to the zoo, I'll never know, but there I was sitting on a Hippo with Shelley's husband snuggled next to me. Does he count as a cowboy? Shelley's son and I almost found some cowboys at a rodeo, but our timing was off. There was a quarter horse convention going on, but if I think a full cowboy should have the whole horse as well, don't you? What does one DO with a quarter of a horse anyway?

Then we headed to the Historic Stock Yards and Exchange District for some more sight seeing and Shelley's son Kevin insisted we have our picture made in front of this quaint hotel in the Stockyards district. It turns out that this establishment was actually a house of ill repute in the Wild Wild West! Why he wanted to take a picture of me in front of that I'd never know. Quit it! I know what your thinking. We finally found a cowboy complete with horse nearby and Kevin was kind enough to give me a boost up to get a better view of him. Then I got a new cowgirl hat and had my picture taken looking out over the cow pens used during the old days when the long cattle drives ended in Ft. Worth and the stock was sold to the highest bidder. It must have been some sight to see, all those pens filled with cows, er, um steers. I would explain what that means, but this is a G-rated web site!

We sent out for Bar-B-Q that night and boy what is spicy! What is it with these Texans and hot food? It is like they have seared off all of their taste buds.

The next day we all headed to Colonial Country Club for a round of golf. This was special because the Colonial is on the PGA tour and the site of the first woman to play with the men on The Tour! Shelley took a picture of me in the rough. Nice. I am gonna remember that one.

After an evening of Mexican Food, we spent a lot of time visiting with friends and family.

All too soon it was time to come back to Ohio and the COLD! It is always nice to travel, but I sure was glad to be back home, because as Dorothy says, there is no place like it. Oh and if you ever go to Texas, take lots of Pepcid, those Texas people eat peppers with and in everything! It is not just the weather and the cowboys that are H O T!

Regina travels to Aruba ...

On October 9, 2003 Regina traveled with Queen Marilyn and her husband Dave by plane to Aruba for a 12 day vacation. This was the first time Regina had traveled outside of the county and she was quite excited. A new summer outfit and a new bathing suit were purchased just for this trip.

We arrived in Aruba and headed for our room at the Divi Phoenix. After unpacking we relaxed on the balcony and enjoyed the view. The next day Queen Marilyn and Dave were up early to go snorkeling but Regina refused to get out of bed. In the afternoon Regina decided that she would like to go
site seeing. We traveled to the southeast side of the island where there is a  great contrast between the desert and the beautiful blue ocean.

During the week Regina visited many places: Rodgers Beach to see the fishing boats, Baby Beach to go swimming, Eagle Beach to take a picture beside the Divi tree, and all over the island. Alas, the heat started to melt Regina's beautiful red lips so she decided to stay indoors to relax and enjoy the view. Being a "Lady in Waiting" she really acts like a princess, Queen Marilyn and Dave attended to her every whim. We decided that next year she gets to go with Contessa Carole!

... while Roberta travels to The Smokey Mountains

While Regina was soaking up the sun in beautiful Aruba with Queen Marilyn and her husband, Roberta went on holiday with Contessa Carole and her husband to Lands Creek Cabins in the Great Smokey Mountains.

She had a relaxing time roasting marshmallows

fishing, playing on the playground (even 50 yr. olds love to slide and swing), or just sitting over a waterfall.

Roberta especially enjoyed the awesome views from the mountains!

One day while hiking, a bear cub followed her home.

She named him Walter.

Roberta and Walter became fast friends and she roasted him a hot dog over the fire for dinner.

As expected, Mother Bear came searching for Walter. She was so grateful to Roberta for taking such good care of her baby that she gave Roberta a BIG BEAR HUG!

Even Contessa Carole's husband enjoyed Roberta's company. Oh, but there was this one time though when he was trying to take Roberta's picture at the highest point of the mountain that Roberta was sooo excited that she wouldn't quit CROAKING

.....some of the tourist just don't get the Red Hat thing....."sisterhood", whether little, big, stuffed, human, or amphibian, we laugh and love TOGETHER!!!








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