A Registered Chapter of the Red Hat Society

Our Tenth Year

P.J. Palooza
March 31, 2012
Mayhem & Murder
April 24, 2012
Raven's Glenn Winery
May 19,  2012
The Washboard Festival
June 16, 2012
BB Riverboats
July 28,  2012
Red Hat Luau
August 25, 2012
The Glass Museum
September 5, 2012
The Golden Lamb
October 27, 2012
Merry & Bright
November 17, 2012
Holiday Party
December 15, 2012
Hollywood Casino
January 19, 2013
Jason's Deli
February 16, 2013

Hollywood Casino
January 19, 2013

What a great time and some of us actually went home with winnings!


Holiday Party
December 15 2012

Happy Holidays!


Merry & Bright
November 17, 2012

Here are a few pictures......


The Golden Lamb
October 27, 2012



The Glass Museum
September 15, 2012

After many miles, too much road construction, and a tour of the city of Lancaster for those riding in Cween Carole's vehicle, nine Flowers of the Bouquet welcomed visitor, Pink Hatter, Summer, as they gathered for lunch at Annie's Main Street Bistro.

While we awaited lunch, we checked out the greeting card selection.

I do believe Lady Cat Diva has made a good choice!!!

As is very common among the Red Hat Society, a few ladies decided to have dessert first. 

(Ah, Summer, dear, you will come to realize that a cookie is not really considered a dessert first...take a look at Flashing Diva's dessert.)

Lunch came, and some were surprised by the size of our sandwiches.

Off we go to tour The Ohio Glass Museum.

At the museum, we were given a tour of the beautiful glass collections.


We were also given a great demonstration of the making of a beautiful paper weight.


To sum up, it was a beautiful, sunny day full of laughter, friendship, and lots and lots of traffic and orange barrels!

Red Hat Luau at Cween Caroles
August 25, 2012

We always have a great time when Cween Carole hosts a party.  She goes all out to make sure we have a great time!

She always has a friendly greeting.

And everyone enjoys the food!

We had several pools to help beat the heat.

The patio was well shaded to sit and have supper.


"Toads" is a great place to sit and relax....

enjoy the conversation.....

and share a laugh.

After lunch we had time to take a snooze......

and then played a game of Bingo.  Looks like some Bingo cards would never win.

We all had a wonderful evening and all too soon it was time to say "good night".

Thank you Cween Carole for opening your garden for us.  We had a great time!!!!!!

The End.

BB Riverboats
July 28, 2012

What a great day to take a drive and head south to the BB Riverboats on the beautiful Ohio River!

The River Queen was waiting for us when we arrived.

We patiently waited for the Captain to call our group to board.

Judy did her best to get us on the ship first....

...and it worked!

We first had to pose for our group photo.

Rae found out there was entertainment and practiced her balancing act.

bbsinking.jpg (39195 bytes)

Linda explained the escape route.

And Brenda found the gift shop.

bbtable2.jpg (40274 bytes)

We were on our best behavior....

bbtable1.jpg (35114 bytes)

...as we waited to depart...

... and for the buffet to be served.

bbsiteseeing.jpg (30865 bytes)

We all went on deck after lunch to site see.

It was a little windy so the hats came off.

As we sailed back to dock we tried our luck at Bingo.

Some of us were not so successful.

Another Victorian Bouquet Event in the record books.  We lived to sail another day.

The Washboard Festival
June 16, 2012

We may have been small in number but we sure had plenty of fun!

Before we hit the streets for the Washboard Festival we hit the links for a delicious  lunch at the Brass Ring Golf Course.  Judy's friend Chef Moe is the chef at the golf course and she outdid herself for us.  The chocolate lava cake is wonderful!!!

wb_chefmoe.jpg (60321 bytes)

Chef Moe

wb_pretzelbread.jpg (87730 bytes) wbannadessert.jpg (47197 bytes)

Lava Cake

wb_reubins.jpg (71865 bytes) washboard_festival_005.jpg (114436 bytes)

Mmmm, dessert!

wb_queens.jpg (72375 bytes)

During lunch we met some friends of Judys who stopped by to say hi!  The red hatted fellow had just finished 18 holes before his wedding and reception at the golf course that day.  Wouldn't you know, another one of Judy's friends drove by and let us join him.  Of course when he wasn't looking she tried to drive off in his cart.

wb_group.jpg (77008 bytes)

Our new friends

wb_golfbuddy.jpg (91873 bytes) wb_budtime.jpg (76312 bytes)

This Bud's for you!

wb_fairwayhazard.jpg (75056 bytes) wb_thegroom.jpg (81002 bytes)

The groom

wbannalegup.jpg (52663 bytes)

Anna always has a leg up

After saying our goodbyes, and thanking Chef Moe, it was off to the Washboard Factory.  Wouldn't you know it, we met a few more of Judy's friends who asked us to join them in making some wonderful music.

wb_annagotrythem.jpg (62662 bytes)

Anna and her mean tambourine

wb_washboard.jpg (70424 bytes)

The Columbus Washboard Factory

wbmusic.jpg (45930 bytes)

Making beautiful music

wbtour.jpg (43104 bytes)

Showing us how they're made

wbdancing.jpg (41987 bytes)

They've got rhythm!!!

wbwashboards.jpg (49079 bytes)

Decisions, decisions

The day was very, very warm and we tried to get a ride from yet another of Judy's friends, but it was a no go.  We begged, pleaded, and even tried force but with no luck.  Unfortunately they wouldn't give us a ride on the train either.  What?  Another friend of Judys?  The Old Coot stops by to chat.

wb_dirtylaundry.jpg (47886 bytes)

Airing our "clean" laundry

washboard_festival_019.jpg (131862 bytes) wbwannaridetoo.jpg (46394 bytes)
wb_train.jpg (68124 bytes) wboldcoot.jpg (44805 bytes)

The Old Coot

As we were heading back to the car for our journey back home we asked Judy how she knew everyone.  She said the only person she knew was Chef Moe and she didn't know how everyone seemed to know her.  As we said our goodbyes we finally figured it out.........

wbjudyjudyjudy.jpg (31756 bytes)

Judy, Judy, Judy

Raven's Glenn Winery
May 19, 2012

The Flowers of the Victorian Bouquet are, of course refined and genteel ladies, who love to share afternoon tea together.  However, on occassion, they also love to get together and sample the fruit of the vine....

One such occassion came about on May 19, as eleven genteel ladies bellied up to the bar....excuse me...took their place at the wine tasting bar at Raven's Glenn in West Lafayette, Ohio   

prg_1.jpg (119885 bytes)

Ahem...Countess of Hosta Lovers, put your dress down...I said "genteel ladies".

"Let the tasting begin!", proclaimed Queen Marilyn and Cween Carole.

rgqueenstoast.jpg (46807 bytes) ravens_glenn_5-19-12_018.jpg (90864 bytes)

The Flowers chose which wines they would like to sample, either dry or sweet.  Some had a nip of both!

rganna.jpg (39442 bytes)

Hmmmm, what do our Queens think?

prg_5.jpg (64548 bytes) ravens_glenn_5-19-12_014.jpg (40631 bytes)

Queen Marilyn, put your pencil down and step away from the bar!

Cween Carole's vision seems to be affected as she comes upon Anna,Countess of Creativity.

ravens_glenn_5-19-12_023.jpg (45637 bytes)

As we all made our way into the dining room for lunch, we were surprised to see the table set with some extra glasses....Red Neck Wine Glasses!  These unusual wine glasses were brought to us as a gift from Ramora, Ruler of Radiant Light.  THANK YOU, RAE!!

rrg3.jpg (41251 bytes) prg_10.jpg (124586 bytes)

The lunch, as always was delicious! 

ravens_glenn_5-19-12_043.jpg (127584 bytes) ravens_glenn_5-19-12_044.jpg (122214 bytes)

It was another beautiful day with the Flowers of the Bouquet!

prg_7.jpg (89281 bytes) rgshopping.jpg (50060 bytes) prg_13.jpg (111390 bytes)
ravens_glenn_5-19-12_005.jpg (68382 bytes) rgevajoyce.jpg (48976 bytes) ravens_glenn_5-19-12_003.jpg (36428 bytes)

Mayhem & Murder
April 24, 2012

Who?  The Victorian Bouquets
What?  Mayhem & Murder
When?  Tuesday April 24, 2012
Where? Spaghetti Warehouse
Why? For dinner and a chance to solve a murder mystery!

mmsuttman.jpg (47425 bytes)We drove over freeways and back streets to downtown Columbus and the Spagheti Warehouse on T3-25-12_029.jpg (73658 bytes)uesday eventing the 24th of April.  As we took our seats we were greeted by anchors George Suttman and Barb Waters of the WNNM Nightly News Program.  Ever the ladies man, George Suttman wasted no time trying to charm us.

Weather girl Gail Augury stopped by to give us her forcast and to gossip about a BIG rumor she'd heard in the newsroom.  Seems like a certain someone might be losing their anchor postion in favor of a younger face.  We serenaded her with "precipitation" songs until everyone in the room let her know that she was our "Sunshine".  This seemed to brighten the perky southern gal, bless her heart.

mmroving.jpg (51116 bytes)Roaming reporter Blair Caterwaul wandered over to get the scoop on our group.  Blair definately wants to be the next anchor of WNNM Nightly News Program and she'll pull out all the stops to get there.  We were not too sure she'd be a good anchor due to the fact that she uses more "text speak" than actual words, if YKWIM.

During the break in the nightly news we had time to enjoy our dinner and the delicious anniversary cake brought by Contessa of Hosta Lovers Joyce.  She even presented each one of us a beautiful red rose in honor of Mother's Day.  The table was full of plates, salad, bread and drinks so we found other places  to hold our roses.

mmcake.jpg (38300 bytes) mmroses.jpg (43043 bytes) mmanna.jpg (44529 bytes)

MURDER!  It was MURDER!  Anchor Barb Waters was stabbed coming out of her dressing room!!!!!  Who could have done such a thing?  It wasn't Coloniel Mustard with a knife in the dining room..... Who? Who could it be?  We eached tried to use our detetive skills to solve this horrible crime but alas, no one from our table guessed correctly, except the one Victorian Bouquet who hadn't turned in her guess.....

The murderer was the very handsome George Suttman who wanted to be the sole anchor of the nightly news so he stabbed her..... dead.  Oh well, guess George won't be coming to any of our future events. 

Victorian Bouquets Detectives (a.k.a. our own cast of characters)

3-25-12_024.jpg (120145 bytes)

Queen Marilyn & Vice Kween Princess Daughter

mmcarole.jpg (47938 bytes)

Cween Carole & Flashing Dive

mmbrenda.jpg (42336 bytes)

Countess of Creativity and Lady Cat Diva

mmpatty.jpg (40033 bytes)

Grand Dutchess the Majestic Provider of Cachinnation

mmraelinda.jpg (45672 bytes)

"Rae" Ruler of Radiant Light & Duchess of Carousels

mmjoyce.jpg (53065 bytes)

Contessa of Hosta Lovers

P.J. Palooza
March 31, 2012

Id14.jpg (71970 bytes)t was a chilly morning as five Flowers of the Bouquet set out to make the trip to the sleepy town of Dresden, Ohio.  It was sleepy because it was only 8:00 a.m.  Of course the Flowers were dressed in the appropriate colors of the pjp_breakfast.jpg (30431 bytes) Red Hat Society, with one exception.....they were in their P.J.s!  What else would they wear to a "P.J. Palooza"?    

As we drove into town, we wondered if we had the right day and time????  There was no one around...until....we entered the Community Center. Within were people in robes, slippers, all sorts of p.j.s, curlers, etc. enjoying a delicious breakfast.  The crowd was not large, probably due to the grey, threatening clouds pjp_group.jpg (47229 bytes) and the early hour.

Raffle prizes were awarded and a line up of ladies dresden_3-31-12_008.jpg (59700 bytes) gathered to be judged for the best p.j. attire.  Everyone was very creative. However, our own Cween Carole won first prize wearing her one piece sleeper with clinging bed bugs and her red granny night cap.  Feeling very shy, (cough, cough..sorry...just got a tickle in my throat) she was presented with a "Cweenly" crown, a lovely bouquet of spring flowers, a coupon book with discounts throughout the town, a purple congratulatory ribbon, (what better color?), and a "2012 P. J. pjp_basket.jpg (40391 bytes) Palooza" t-shirt. 

Let the shopping begin!!!   The shops were quaint and full of wonderful baskets and gifts.  Dresden is well known for beingd10.jpg (60767 bytes) the town sporting the world's largest basket and where the Longaberger Baskets are crafted. 

After walking the streets of Dresden shopping, we headed for "The Depot" for a delicious lunch.  Eating dessert is a pjp_dessertfirst.jpg (47447 bytes) suggestion of the Red Hat Society, and being two of it's most devoted Sisters,  Flashing Diva, Judy and Countess of Creativity, Anna, enjoyed BIG, YUMMY slices of peanut butter pie!  

It was a fun day and we hope that more of our Flowers join us next year for this annual event.

dresden_3-31-12_014.jpg (56257 bytes)

d9.jpg (64905 bytes)

dresden_3-31-12_005.jpg (67418 bytes)
pjp_anna.jpg (43470 bytes) dresden_3-31-12_019.jpg (5258416 bytes) pjp_arrest.jpg (41627 bytes)
pjp_fun.jpg (39226 bytes) pjp_purse.jpg (39958 bytes) pjp_manbra.jpg (28377 bytes)