A Registered Chapter of the Red Hat Society

Our Ninth Year

"Some Old and then Some New"


March 19, 2011

Claddagh Irish Pub
 & 8th Anniversary

April 30, 2011

The Golden Lamb


May 21, 2011

The Blue Turtle

June 18, 2011

Raven's Glenn Winery

July 16, 2011

Ride the Ducks!

August 20, 2011

Scioto Downs

September 17, 2011

House of Japan

October 29, 2011

Hayride & Potluck - Gibson Pond

November 12, 2011

Dickens Victorian Village

December 17, 2011

Movie Tavern
"New Year's Eve"

January 21, 2012

Buca di Beppo

February 25, 2012

Mozart's Bakery & Piano Cafe

Mozart's Bakery and Piano Cafe
February 25, 2012

mozarts_pianoman.jpg (80031 bytes)

The ivories were certainly being tickled as Flowers of the Victorian Bouquet entered Mozart's Bakery & Piano Cafe for an afternoon tea.

Lots of hugs and catching up was done as we awaited our first pot of tea.  

mozarts_cyndy.jpg (1296262 bytes)

mozarts_conversation.jpg (95775 bytes) Each Flower chose her favorite tea from black, herbal, or decaffeinated varieties and was brought her own tea pot.  Along with the teas, we were presented with yummy scones accompanied with Devonshire cream.  mozarts_potoftea.jpg (74038 bytes)
Silly pictures were taken for a surprise project that the Queens have up their sleeves!!
mozarts_teasandwiches.jpg (34171 bytes) The "Oooooos and Ahhhhhs could be heard as the pastry plates were placed in front of each Flower!  Just when we though we were full, dessert arrived and tempted us once again. mozarts_dessert.jpg (32830 bytes)

It was a lovely tea with lovely ladies and Mozart's Bakery & Piano Cafe will surely see this Bouquet of Flowers returning in the future.

Buca di Beppo
January 21, 2012

It was a cold, icy, snowy, day, but nine Flowers of the Bouquet risked the journey and safely arrived to gather at Buca di Beppo.  Maybe the angels were watching over in order that they make audience with the Pope, whom was anxiously waiting to break bread (pizza) and share spirits. (Pepsi).

This was to be a very special day for Queen Marilyn and Cween Carole, who donned their royal finery in anticipation of welcoming two beautiful, new Flowers Vicki and Brenda into the Bouquet.

As the Flowers patiently awaited the feast to be served, Queen Marilyn officiated at the reading of the sacred vows of the Victorian Bouquet to Vicki and Brenda who in unison, repeated and swore their loyalty to this awesome chapter of the Red Hat Society.  Cween Carole stood by (holding up the pillar) waving her magic wand sealing these vows.

buca_nm2.jpg (54796 bytes)

Welcome, Ladyhawk Vicki and Lady Cat Diva Brenda!!  You are now a Sister Flower in the Victorian Bouquets!!!

bucca_1-21-12_006_(2).jpg (71197 bytes)

Soon after the ceremony, the feast was presented and the lazy Susan spun as delicious food was shared and consumed.

As Vice Kween, Princess Daughter, Mary, began to partake of some Shrimp Fra Diavolo,  her already large, beautiful eyes became bigger and bigger, and her face became redder and redder!!

bucca_1-21-12_018.jpg (48420 bytes) 

Though delicious, it was very spicy!!!

All in all, it was another wonderful afternoon of love and laughter with the Flowers of the VB.

buca_group.jpg (50685 bytes)

Movie Tavern - "New Year's Eve"
December 17, 2011

mt_ourmovie.jpg (37674 bytes)

Dickens Victorian Village
November 12, 2011

dickens_welcome.jpg (54728 bytes)

Welcome to Cambridge Ohio and Dickens Victorian Village!  The Village has some interesting people to meet around town but first, why don't we delight our palates with some great food and enjoy lunch!

dickensvictorianvillage.jpg (61183 bytes)

dickenslunch.jpg (82694 bytes) dickensthanksgiving.jpg (71500 bytes) dickens_ididwhat.jpg (46383 bytes) dickens_anna.jpg (42738 bytes)
We heard that Theo's was the place for a good home cooked meal. They even serve a great turkey dinner with all the trimmings. It's hard to make a decision with choices like meatloaf, pork chops, chicken, and all types of soups and sandwiches. Of course "dessert first" is an option with choices like apple pie, lemon merangue, and pumpkin pie.
Dicken's_11-12-11_006.jpg (107920 bytes) Dicken's_11-12-11_002.jpg (70455 bytes) Dicken's_11-12-11_013.jpg (102928 bytes) dickensramora.jpg (1422228 bytes)
We celebrated with our November birthday girls... shared quite a few good laughs... met another Ohio Red Hat Queen who was visiting the village... and stole a few seconds to check out the OSU football score.
dickens_edie.jpg (39217 bytes) dickens_judytoo.jpg (43099 bytes) dickenscarole.jpg (82764 bytes) Dicken's_11-12-11_029_(2).jpg (79048 bytes)
We met several dapper gentlemen on our travels.... had a nice chat with a lovely woman taking a short rest... made some new friends..... and sang a few songs with carolers.
dickensphotoop.jpg (77066 bytes) Dicken's_11-12-11_020.jpg (92627 bytes) Dicken's_11-12-11_018.jpg (96968 bytes) dickensanna.jpg (80574 bytes)
We always make time for a photo session.... especially with royalty like Prince William and Princess Kate. Because the rumors of our being "kicked out of Polaris" is legendary, the local constablewanted to take us in for questioning..... but this kindly shopkeeper and her twin vouched for us and we continued on our way.
dickens_shopping.jpg (56255 bytes) dickens_tired.jpg (994370 bytes) Dicken's_11-12-11_037.jpg (86618 bytes) dickens_group.jpg (46579 bytes)
With all our shopping done .... we rested our tired bones... and said our farewells to go home and plan our next adventure.

Hayride & Potluck - Gibson Pond

October 29, 2011

The debate was on....should we or shouldn't we....cancel the weenie roast and hayride? It called for 30% to 50% chance of rain, and the clouds were threatening.  After calls back and forth, and the fact that John was excited to host this event, the decision was made....BRING ON THE DOGS!!  Rain or shine, the Flowers of the Bouquet would gather at Gibson Pond and have a good, ole fashioned bonfire!

The sun was shining, and the air was brisk and filled with the aroma of wood burning and leaves falling.  What better conditions for good food, lots of laughter, and plain ole togetherness with your Sisters in red and purple!!!

image001.jpg (64937 bytes)

image003.jpg (113812 bytes) image005.jpg (81920 bytes) image009.jpg (233472 bytes) image007.jpg (132089 bytes)

Whether you liked your dogs grilled to perfection or well done with kraut, your marshmallows golden or burnt to a crisp and creeeeamy in the middle, there was an abundance.

image014.jpg (132498 bytes) image018.jpg (53385 bytes) image016.jpg (64346 bytes) image020.jpg (155648 bytes)

We were all prepared for chilly weather (perfect for a bonfire outing!) and we kept warm bundled or dancing around the fire.

image022.jpg (2540195 bytes) image024.jpg (70714 bytes)

Just because it was Esther's birthday, didn't mean she couldn't help with the chores!!

image028.jpg (86201 bytes) image026.jpg (174480 bytes) image032.jpg (118784 bytes) image031.jpg (179247 bytes)

Climb aboard the hay wagon!!!!  We enjoyed the spectacular surrounding views of the changing of the leaves and the stillness of the pond bouncing along the bumpy roads as Flashing Diva, Judy, drove the tractor.  We were closely observed by "The Girls of the Field" as they calmly chewed their cud.  These "Happy Cows of Galion" didn't have to go to California to see unique and strange beings.

image036.jpg (124845 bytes) image034.jpg (210198 bytes) image038.jpg (106869 bytes)

One of the highlights of the day, was when Flashing Diva pulled us up at a dead end road overlooking the freeway where we stood, yelled and waved at passing trucks and cars, who would return our greeting with a LOUD HONK!!!  I imagine we gave them a story to share with their friends!!

image042.jpg (122880 bytes) image040.jpg (131072 bytes)

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Gibson Family and Flashing Diva, Judy for a most wonderful and memorable afternoon!!

House of Japan

September 17, 2011

We strolled over a glass bridge next to waterfalls and swimming koi fish.... 

and onto the hibachis for some table-side fun!

  We didn't see a volcano but it got hotter and hotter as we saw our chef's perform tricks with their spatulas and knives.  We saw soaring eggs, flying shrimp tails, and some yummy steaks and chicken cooking along side "japanese french fries". 

The chefs did everything including cleaning the grill. 

It's always a good time when we ladies get together.
Thank you -
ありがとう (Arigatō)


Scioto Downs

August 20, 2011


They're off! 

Harness racing.  The colors, thrills, and excitement.  Truly the sport of Red Hatters!

Harness racing has become a science, a science to test the skill of the unprofessional handicapper....  The weather was clear and the track fast.

  Once inside we ordered our meals, checked out the racing forms, put on our bibs, and got ready for the excitement....

The horses were coming out onto the track, ah what a sight..... the horses where in the starting gate.... the Victorian Bouquets were ready..... the jockeys were ready...... bet's were placed.
 "$2.00 on Majestic Provider of Cachinnation to place!"

The lights dimmed....And they're off!!!!

It's Cween in the lead by a head, Majestic Provider of Cachinnation is in second by a half, Lady Cat Diva following in third by two lengths, in fourth is Countess of Creativity followed by Queen and Princess Daughter.... 
Contessa of Hosta Lovers
never left the gate.

Rounding the clubhouse turn is Cween on the rails with Lady Cat Diva followed by a nose with Majestic Provider of Cachinnation making her move.!!!!  

Into the stretch and Majestic Provider of Cachinnation is still moving...It's a photo finish...... 
Majestic Provider of Cachinnation in First, 
Cween in second, 
with Countess of Creativity narrowly catching Lady Cat Diva for third..... what a thrill.

scjoyce.jpg (31229 bytes)

Off_to_the_Races!__8-20-11_009.jpg (124409 bytes)

Off_to_the_Races!__8-20-11_016.jpg (107689 bytes)

Off_to_the_Races!__8-20-11_014.jpg (120034 bytes)

Congratulations Patty.  She was the big winner for the evening.

Ride the Ducks! - Newport KY
July 16, 2011


Welcome to the Ducks in the City....

quacking_on_the_Ohio_River_007.jpg (123841 bytes)

picked up all the tickets for today.....

dt_rae.jpg (2080237 bytes)

and we had minute, while we were waiting....

quacking our quackers and making gins....

ducksgroup1.jpg (45122 bytes)


Victorian Bouquets keep on quacking......


Victorian Bouquets keep on rolling......

ducksfun.jpg (49627 bytes)

Rolling, rolling, rolling on the river!
Rolling, rolling, rolling on the river!

dt_rolling.jpg (41558 bytes)


Had a great lunch at Brio...

some Flowers even had their dessert first.....

we laughed, and talked, and ate, and giggled....

quacking_on_the_Ohio_River_035.jpg (130321 bytes)

Until we hitched a ride back home to Westerville...

dt_headinghome.jpg (41691 bytes)

Victorian Bouquets keep on quacking, Victorian Bouquets keep on rolling!
Rolling, rolling, rolling on the river!

Raven's Glenn Winery
June 18, 2011

WOW!!!!  This was our biggest Event so far during our "Some Old and then Some New" Year!!!!  Wonder if it had anything to do with the fact we would go wine tasting at "Raven's Glen"?

judy.jpg (46384 bytes)

We welcomed guests Nancy who came with Contessa of Hosta Lovers Joyce, Queen Sharon and Queen Lee, and Red Hat members Brenda and Vicki who are looking for a new place to hang their hat.

Raven's Glen is a great place to shop for unique, fun gifts and supplies for true wine lovers.

The gangs all here!!!  Belly up to the bar ladies!!!

Oh what yummy flavors of the fruits of the vine were offered!!  Some seemed to be a little stronger than others!   A few of our ladies were feeling very relaxed! 

Lunch began with dessert first for Flashing Diva, Judy.

judydessert.jpg (38618 bytes)


What a wonderful day with a bunch of Red Hatters who truly know how to have fun!!!  Love and Laughter!!!  That's what it's all about!!!!

DSC01483.JPG (216186 bytes)

joyce.jpg (39509 bytes)

liz&anna.jpg (41908 bytes)

"I thought she was bringing us bananas, they're rolls!"  "I think I need a few crackers." 
 "Can we keep the glass?" 

theend.jpg (30899 bytes)

"Wow, that was stong!" "Mmm, the chocolate cake is like fudge." 
"I need a nap." 



The Blue Turtle
May 21, 2011


The Golden Lamb

April 30, 2011


Claddagh Irish Pub & 8th Anniversary

March 19, 2011