A Registered Chapter of the Red Hat Society

Our Seventh Year


March 15, 2009

Roaring 20's Party & 
Sixth Anniversary

April 18, 2009

The Pub at Polaris


May 9, 2009

Digger & Finch

June 13, 2009

The Morgan House

July 18, 2009 

Beach Blanket Bingo & Potluck

August 15, 2009

The Amazing Race Too!


September 17, 2009

House of Japan

October 10, 2009

Ghoulish Gala

November 7, 2009

The Buxton Inn


December 19, 2009

Holiday Party

January 16, 2010

The Blue Turtle Tea & Spice Co.


February 20, 2010

Mimi's Cafe & Joann's Fabrics

Brunch at Mimi's - Jewelry Making at Joann's Fabrics

February 20, 2010


It didn't snow!!!!  It really didn't snow!!!

Blue skies and sunshine made for some very happy Red Hatters as we met for brunch at Mimi's Cafe.  Yum!  Fruit topped Belgium waffles, homemade French toast, the "best" corned beef hash, and a great quiche, plus much more filled us up before testing out skills at jewelry making.

Our teacher in jewelry making was very helpful and very patient as we attempted to string beads for bracelets, necklaces, and earrings without dropping them all over the floor.  Actually some of us did drop them on the floor at least once, possibly twice.  Some mastered crimping, some mastered looping, but everyone had fun making their original works of art.

We had a great morning and afternoon sharing laughs and good times with our Red Hat sisters!


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The Blue Turtle Tea & Spice Co.

January 16, 2010


Do you know how to decaffeinate tea?  How to make a flowering tea?  What to do with flavored sugars?  What to do with with Le Marche Spice?  You do if you joined us for our January event at The Blue Turtle Tea & Spice Co. in Uptown Westerville.  The store owner Amanda welcomed us and showed us a great time.  She taught us things about tea that we never knew.  

Our gourmet chef Randy tickled our taste buds with things like lemon dilled shrimp, tortilla soup, steak quesedillas, and curried chicken, all made using the herbs and spices found in the store.  He explained about different salts and sugars as well as some interesting things about herbs and spices.

It was an enjoyable afternoon with good friends and a fun place to visit.


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Holiday Party

December 19, 2009


Thank you Mistress of the Frugal Warderobe Cyndy, Milady Fifi Queen of Returns Edie, and Duchess of Windsor Lois for hosting a spectacular Holiday Party!!!!!  You ladies spoiled us with great games, great prizes, great food, and a whole lot of fun.  This definitely was the one event not to miss.....


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The Buxton Inn

November 7, 2009


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Ghoulish Gala

October 10, 2009 - Cween Carole's


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House of Japan

September 19, 2009


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August 15, 2009


Fun! Fun! Fun!

Wow, did Patty do a wonderful job designing our second Amazing Race!  

Getting our Instructions

ardirections.jpg (62413 bytes)

Pit Stop - Pinera Bread

Pit Stop - Westerville Library

Pit Stop - Community Center

Kate had one person from each team sing "You make me feel like a Natural Woman!"....

We took a quiz from Ivan......

We met Patty again and she had us get a business card from some place that performs a service to "over 50s".....

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arrachel.jpg (33206 bytes)

arpurplequiz.jpg (117184 bytes)

arpinkbc.jpg (53549 bytes)

and she had us find someone exactly age 50. and then had to find someone named Marilyn, Carole, Jean, or Ann. and then we had to find a 50 sign!
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015.jpg (69512 bytes)

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arred50.jpg (44835 bytes) arpinkqueenname.jpg (43107 bytes) arpink50.jpg (44341 bytes)
Our Final Pit Stop!
Pasquale's Pizza

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DSC00188.JPG (4040790 bytes)

The Winners!
Purple Team

cont_012.jpg (104912 bytes)

From Left to Right: Marchesa of the Nimble Thimble Liz, Cween Carole, and Duchess of Carousels Linda
Second: Red Team
Third: Pink Team
(better luck next year Queen Marilyn, third time's a charm :-) 
Coming in 2010  - Red Hat Amazing Race the Third!)
With all the excitement we forgot to celebrate our August Birthdays...... A Happy Birthday on the kazoo and a clack on the clackers to Cween Carole and Princess Daughter Mary!!


Pool Party and Picnic Potluck

July 18, 2009


Here are a whole bunch of pictures.  
Queen Marilyn and Cween Carole are too water logged right now to write any more.......  
Stay tuned


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The Morgan House

June 13, 2009


The food was good, the company was great, and the stairs ....... well the stairs were....


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Digger & Finch

May 9, 2009


Enjoy the pictures..... the Queens are trying to recoup.


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The Pub at Polaris

April 18, 2009

When the Queens are away .... 
the Victorian Bouquets will play.....

.... our mystery writer's story is coming soon..... we just haven't figures out who it is yet.
That's the mystery!.


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Roaring 20's Party & Our Sixth Anniversary!

March 15, 2009


Queen Carole's grandfather, H. H. DeWitt, was turning over in his grave Sunday, March 15th!  Harold was a staunch member of the Westerville Anti-Saloon League, and here was his granddaughter attending a Speakeasy with other rebel members of the Victorian Bouquets!
It was a relatively small group of "Ladies" (the twelve more adventurous ones) out to snort the hair of the dog and bump their gums.

6thtable1.jpg (44035 bytes)

6thtable2.jpg (50631 bytes)

6thalice.jpg (71449 bytes)


There were chippies in their glad rags,...

6thtrio.jpg (65121 bytes)

a bootlegger packin' heat 
(in her bra no less!),..

6thgunmall.jpg (37684 bytes)

a Sheba with a bean shooter 
on her gam...

6thloisgun.jpg (44360 bytes)

and of course,
  the gangster moll.

6thcarole.jpg (70349 bytes)


We all enjoyed the jazz music and those hoofers with joints that weren't screamin' got up and danced.

6thwaltz.jpg (39047 bytes)

6thlinda.jpg (40439 bytes)

6thswing.jpg (37991 bytes)

It was a lollapalooza!  We smoked our fags (candy and bubble gum cigarettes) and drank our giggle water (crème soda, root beer, orangeade, etc.)

6thloisflask.jpg (33277 bytes)

6thjoyce.jpg (37744 bytes)

6thmar.jpg (82362 bytes)
6thcyndy.jpg (44976 bytes)

We all thought we were the bee's knees, eel's hips, gnat's whistle, and elephant's eyebrows!  The "bluenose" of the Bouquet don't realize what they missed!  We'll bring those birds around one of these days!

6thqueens.jpg (75931 bytes)
Queen Marilyn and Cween Carole thank all you hotsy-totsy Flowers of the Bouquet for six copacetic years and look forward to a humdinger seventh year!!!!