A Registered Chapter of the Red Hat Society

Our Fifth Year


March 31, 2007

Fourth Anniversary

July 28

Washboard Band Picnic

November 17, 2007

The Whitaker House

April 21, 2007

Aunt Ivy's Tea Room

August 18, 2007

Cheeseburger in Paradise

December 15, 2007

Holiday Party
Buckeye Boat Club

May 5, 2007

Kentucky Derby Potluck

September 15, 2007

Granville Inn

January 12, 2008

bd's mongolian barbeque

June 16, 2007

The Washboard Music Festival

October 20, 2007

Happy Hatters Boutique

February 9, 2008

Welcome Home Inn

July 21

Bassackwards Bowling

October 26, 2007

Midnight Madness


Welcome Home Inn

February 9, 2008


whrae.jpg (93550 bytes)whtable2.jpg (40321 bytes)"Tea for nine, and all was fine"

... for the Flowers attending high tea at the Welcome Home Inn.


It rarely happens that so few Flowers are gathered and can all sit at one table.  Our table was laden with lovely stacked tiers of assorted tea sandwiches and fruit.  Our gracious hostess Brenda Williams,  owner of Welcome Home Inn, made sure our tea cups were full and we wanted for nothing. The warm scones  melted in your mouth and were topped off with homemade clotted cream.  We talked and laughed as we enjoyed the pampering.  She made us feel right at home and never rushed.  The assortment of mini desserts were a perfect finish to a quiet, relaxing afternoon.whliz2.jpg (49393 bytes)

whpatty2.jpg (402879 bytes)We admired the view of the backyard with the fountain and gazebo off in the distance.  We all imagined sitting on the screened porch in the summer enjoying a cup of coffee and smelling the flowers in the  garden, or in the autumn taking a walk with the foliage in full color.  

The Welcome Home Inn is also a Bed and Breakfast where we were permitted to tour the lovely, antique furnished bedrooms. A few Flowers took to heart the invitation to "make yourself at home" and enjoy the view.  We all took some brochures and are looking forward to our next trip to the Inn.


whlois.jpg (31866 bytes) whtable.jpg (35006 bytes) whhmmmm.jpg (73630 bytes)

whmarilynwhenimcallingyou.jpg (83731 bytes)

When I'm calling you.......

whcarolewhenimcallingyou.jpg (86022 bytes)

... when I'm calling you too!

whcorole.jpg (75669 bytes)



bd's mongolian barbeque
January 12, 2008

bdveggies.jpg (34469 bytes)bdsign.jpg (35942 bytes)Sunny blue skies greeted the 17 flowers that enjoyed our event at bd's mongolian barbeque at Easton Town Center.  We came bearing gifts... or rather the flowers who couldn't get to our Holiday Party in December came bearing gifts to exchange, and everyone was excited to try a new culinary treat.

We all stopped at the directions, and received some guidance from a knowledgeable waitperson, on how to create our  very own "signature dish".

At the first station we each got a bowl and proceeded to fill it with whatever we wanted.  We had plenty to choose from; New York strip steak, sirloin steak, turkey, chicken, tilapia, shrimp, scallops, and even calamari!

On to the next station to pick out our veggies;  snow pea pods, onions, broccoli, you name it, they had it!   As our server told us, our last step was to get "sauced".  

When we had everything we wanted it was off to the grill where our masterpiece was cooked to our perfection.

A happy birthday was given to the Marchesa of the Nimble Thimble Liz and Duchess of Carousels Linda and belated holiday gifts were exchanged.

Even though two hours had passed it felt too soon to say our goodbyes.  We bid "see you in April" to Countess of Creativity Anna as she was heading off for sunny Florida but a big "welcome" was given to a new Joyce who was visiting our chapter for the first time.  Shopping, family obligations, and Michael Ross at the 50 plus Expo took us each in different directions as we said our final "see you next month"!


bdchose.jpg (32237 bytes)

bdgifts.jpg (41299 bytes)

bdlois.jpg (31448 bytes)

bdjoyce.jpg (43208 bytes)

bdgrill2.jpg (35172 bytes)

bdtable1.jpg (37989 bytes)

bdtables.jpg (44617 bytes)

bdfood.jpg (36232 bytes)

bdall.jpg (26904 bytes).

bdcook.jpg (32481 bytes) bdjoyces.jpg (35688 bytes)

Holiday Party - Buckeye Boat Club
December 15,  2007

hpgroup.gif (161875 bytes)


'Twas 10 days before Christmas and all through the place,
the Victorian Bouquets co-queens were working at a feverish pace.
The ovens were warming and the tables were set with care,
in hopes that the Flowers soon would be there;


hpdecorated.jpg (37900 bytes)

The fireplace was going, it was as cozy as being snuggled in bed.
We even had visions of casseroles in our heads!
Cween Carole in her whimsey and Queen Marilyn in her red cap,
had just sat down and wished they could nap.


hpsnow.jpg (79233 bytes)

When out in the driveway there arose such a clatter,
they jumped up from their seats to see what was the matter.
Away to the window they hobbled so slow,
They saw the trees and the ground all covered with snow!

hpanita.gif (102841 bytes)

The accumulating amount of the new-fallen snow,
made their cell phones start ringing with calls from ladies in woe.
When, what to their wondering eyes should appear,
but the Flashing Diva's mini-van, oh what a dear!


hplinda.gif (93807 bytes)

She was followed by members of the Baby Swing band,
carrying drums and an electric piano, we offered a hand.
Creeping slowly like turtles our ladies they came,
and we whistled, and shouted, and called them by name;


hpwhat.jpg (72622 bytes)


"Now, Judy! now, Anna! now Barbara and Mary!
And Anita! and Linda! and Barbara! Would you like something carried?
Come in and get warm, put the gifts under the tree,
We're so happy you made it, wahoo, yippee!!!!"


hpskating.jpg (76939 bytes)

We ate and we drank and we laughed and we danced.
We opened gifts and we talked and some of us pranced!
Snowflakes and snow angels brought us outside.
And some of us laughed so hard, we fell on our backsides.


hpredhatdown.gif (104066 bytes)

We listened to music and opened our gifts,
We thought we should leave early before the snow drifts.
We packed up our gifts and our casserole dishes,
We thanked the band and offered them our best wishes.


babyswing.gif (104635 bytes)

We hugged each other and said our goodbyes,
We hoped they'd be one more win for the Ohio Buckeyes.
We all exclaimed as we drove out-of-sight.
"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night."

Thank you to Baby Swing, a small ensemble made up of members from 
In Full Swing, for coming out in the horrible weather to entertain us.  You are wonderful and we enjoyed the music.  

Please click here to visit their website.


babyswing2.gif (104091 bytes)

hpanna.gif (92442 bytes)

hpanitasurprise.jpg (85581 bytes)

.hpbarb2.gif (104781 bytes)

hptwins.jpg (79091 bytes)

hpfood.jpg (65362 bytes)

hpangel1.jpg (44890 bytes)

hpohoh.jpg (81398 bytes)

hpbandit.jpg (33473 bytes)

hpbooty.jpg (33166 bytes)



The Whitaker House
November 17,  2007

whgroup3.jpg (49494 bytes)It's that time of month again, girls! 

Yep, the day we set aside to dress up and laugh along with the Flowers of the Victorian Bouquet!  We leave our errands, chores, and troubles behind.

On this day, we gathered at the Whitaker House in Powell for a tea and luncheon.  Nineteen Flowers filled the lovely Victorian room with so much laughter and whtable2.jpg (37556 bytes) chatter that the lady taking our orders stood in amazement.  Well, after all, we had a month's worth of catching up to do!! 

So begins the season of celebrations....discussions of parties and get together were planned....Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas, New  years, and an unusual party where you can purchase fun cat toys and various hard to find educational toys.  That's what makes this Bouquet sooooo much fun!  There are always diverse conversations and topics to be discussed!

whdone.jpg (41666 bytes)After lunch, desserts were enjoyed....some more than others.

The Birthday song was kazooed for Queen Marilyn, Lady Flicka, Bertha, and Mistress of the Frugal Wardrobe Extraordinaire, Cyndy.

Though a lovely time was had by all, we did have to hurry home to watch the final plays of the Ohio State/Michigan football game!

Until our time comes around again next month, we hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving day spent with friends and family. 



whcarol.jpg (37534 bytes)

wheva.jpg (42782 bytes)

whbarb.jpg (38041 bytes)

whtable1.jpg (40978 bytes)

whtable12.jpg (33089 bytes)

whpatty.jpg (28581 bytes)

whhome.jpg (53225 bytes)

Midnight Madness
October 26, 2007

Our debut as the Victorian Bouquets Bangers & Strummers was at Midnight Madness in uptown Westerville at 7:00 pm. between Embroidery Deluxe and The Bike Shop.  Eight brave flowers with kazoos, washboards, watering cans, shakers, and a washtub bass, accompanied by Emma and Jeff from "In Full Swing" entertained the crowd.

mmanna.jpg (43030 bytes)

mmgroup2.jpg (47667 bytes)

mmemma.jpg (29857 bytes)

mmmar.jpg (44430 bytes)

mmtonia.jpg (40487 bytes) mmscare.jpg (37860 bytes)
mmjoyce.jpg (38427 bytes)

Midnight Madness is sponsored by the Uptown Merchants of Westerville and the last  4th Friday event for 2007.   Click here to visit the Uptown Merchants website. 

Happy Hatters Boutique

October 20, 2007


Great shopping, great food, great games, great entertainment, and great friends.  What more is there????  

hh2.jpg (47970 bytes)hhwelcome.jpg (55328 bytes)Thirteen lucky flowers traveled on a nice sunny day to the Happy Hatters Boutique in Lima.  Our hostess Rae, Ruler of Radiant Light had planned a special day of shopping, dining, and entertainment just for us!

What a nice surprise to get a big Welcome! on our arrival.  We planned on being early for lunch so we could enjoy one of our favorite pastimes -- shopping!  The store was filled to the brim with clothing, jewelry, boas, tea sets, and of course HATS!  We wasted no time in trying on marabou shawls, ostrich boas, and flashing glasses.

With our purchases all bagged up we headed into the "play room" for a catered lunch of roast beef with all the trimmings.  Red Hat Bingo was played throughout lunch with prizes given for each "Happy Hatters Boutique" yelled out when a hhentertain2.jpg (42077 bytes)bingo was made.  Lois, Duchess of Windsor amazed all of us with her word search skills; she completed the puzzle in less than 2 minutes!

After lunch we we're entertained by Linda Farmer of Linda K. & Co. and her husband.  Linda is a State of Ohio Karaoke singing champion and she's a wonderful singer.  Her husband joined her on a few numbers and even did a solo.  We sang along with them and even jumped up to dance.

With full shopping bags and full tummies we headed back into the shop for just one more last look.  Thank you Rae and thank you Happy Hatters Boutique for showing us a good time.  

hhtable2.jpg (47905 bytes)

hhtable1.jpg (35846 bytes)

hhtable3.jpg (40495 bytes)

hhannaglasses.jpg (59460 bytes)
hhcaroleboa.jpg (89529 bytes) hhjudymirror.jpg (46045 bytes)
hh1.jpg (49122 bytes) hh3.jpg (40520 bytes)

September 15, 2007
Granville Inn

What a wonderful location for our September Event! 


gilola.jpg (54968 bytes)gifoyer.jpg (58857 bytes)On September 15 the village of Granville was bustling with people as they held a Farmer's Market, a Maker's Market, and a Bluesfest.  They also had 17 flowers of the Victorian Bouquets rolling through town on their way to the Granville Inn for lunch.

We gathered in the foyer and admired our surroundings.  The Granville Inn is a historic English manor inn located in the heart of Granville.  It features hand cut oak paneling and native sandstone.  We were seated in the formal dining where we were on our best behavior (no flying monkeys or kazoo playing) as we looked over the varied menu.

gimarilynj.jpg (49381 bytes)Our waiter was very attentive and helpful as we tried to decide what to have; the crab cake linguini, pan roasted salmon, basil crustedgilindawj2.jpg (63161 bytes) tilapia, or maybe the pub burger.  We never needed to ask for a refill of water, ice tea, or coffee, they were always filled.  The food was served and it was delicious!  A few ladies even saved room for dessert.

Ruler of Radiant Light Rae and Duchess of Carousels Linda scoped out the grounds in search of the best place to have our group pictures.  Seeing their herb garden gave the  Duchess ideas for her own herb garden at home.

Milady Fifi Edie had a great chat with the cook while waiting for everyone to finish paying their checks and visiting the little ladies room.  Edie's daughter was married at the Granville Inn and held her reception there.  The cook was so nice she even took our group photo!

After the final photo of the day was taken we all scattered in different directions; some to the Farmer's Market, some to the Maker's Market, some to the Bluesfest, and some for home.


gidining.jpg (49337 bytes)

gigathering.jpg (62714 bytes)

gipattyj.jpg (49018 bytes)

giloisj.jpg (53403 bytes)

giediej2.jpg (46428 bytes)

gitakeoff.jpg (66919 bytes)

cbcheeseburgerinparadise2.jpg (78508 bytes)

August 18, 2007
Cheeseburger in Paradise

"I like mine with lettuce and tomato,
Heinz Fifty-Seven and French fried potatoes.
Big kosher pickle and a cold draft beer..."


cbyummy2.jpg (60199 bytes)cbparadise2.jpg (46773 bytes)Cheeseburger in Paradise lives up to it's name.   Great food, great drinks, and great music awaited the 21 Flowers that gathered for our August Event!  Whether we sipped on a Cheeseburger in Paradise cocktail or tried the frozen Daiquiri, we Victorian Bouquets know how to have a great time.

We tried Bleu Cheese Blasts, Cheeseburgers in Paradises, Onion Cheese Stix, Sweet Potato Chips, Tropical Chicken Satay, Son of a Son of a Sailor Salads, and many other delectable dishes.  I think I heard one of us ask for a Which Way Do I Steer?  No one wanted their own dessert but we sure know how to share them.  

There was plenty of laugher as we celebrated the August birthdays with a serenade on our kazoos,   We also......

blew bubbles...

cbbubbles.jpg (95411 bytes)
cbsisters.jpg (97777 bytes) enjoyed family....
laughed with our Red Hat sisters.... cbtable1.jpg (87380 bytes)
cbkeylime2.jpg (43136 bytes) tried key-lime pie....
and became true parrot heads! cbfamily.jpg (92341 bytes)

We always have a great day when the flowers of our bouquet get together.

cbbiskits.jpg (33975 bytes)

The End!

cbfun.jpg (49847 bytes) cbeva2.jpg (88602 bytes)

cbtable3.jpg (79626 bytes)

cbmary.jpg (35290 bytes)

cbfish.jpg (51386 bytes)

cbtable2.jpg (94607 bytes)

cbyummy.jpg (44104 bytes)

cbtable4.jpg (464895 bytes)

cbqueens.jpg (52994 bytes)


July 28, 2007

Washboard Band Picnic

We always felt regardless of age, occupation, talents, or personality differences (some quieter than others), that we made up a great group of ladies that complimented each other and played together well.  Little did we know that not only did we play dress up together well, but we can make beautiful music together too!

wbpicnic3.jpg (21520 bytes) Cween Carole always had a dream of being able to play a musical instrument.  There was only one problem.  She couldn't read music, so when the idea of playing an instrument for fun came to her, what better way than form a Washboard Band. 

The "Red Hat Bangers and Strummers"....."The Red Hat Jammers"......."Red Hot Mama Musicians"......"Bouquet Bandettes"....."Musical Flower Bouquet"............(haven't chosen a professional name yet) planned their first practice at Sharon Woods Park.  Flowers of the Bouquet came shaking maracas, strumming a candy box guitar, washboards, bells on their ankles and in their hands, pot lid cymbals, harmonicas, whistles, paper plate tambourines, wash tub bass, and of course lots of kazoos!

wbemma.jpg (30297 bytes) Being the wise Cween she is, Carole realized that this gathering of Bouquet Flowers could get completely uncontrollable and go wild with enthusiasiam!  Cween Carole graciously asked (actually, pleaded) her talented Daughter-In-Law, Emma, to come give direction and order to this eager group of musicians.

wbgroup1.jpg (47105 bytes) A potluck lunch was shared before the serious business of assembling our band.  Even Emma, whom is a fabulous jazz musician, and has played with great musicians in England and now in the U.S., was AMAZED at the sounds that filled Apple Ridge!!

Well, look out world!!!!...........A few more practices and we're goin' on the road!!!!  We even have our first gig lined up!! (maybe, but very possible!)

Thank you, Emma, for all your help!!!

wbpicnic1.jpg (30001 bytes)

wbpicnic2.jpg (28353 bytes)

wbpicnicvicki.jpg (25102 bytes)

wbwhat.jpg (55331 bytes)

wbpaula.jpg (6007 bytes)

wbrae.jpg (29741 bytes)

wblois.jpg (38144 bytes)

wbfun.jpg (28314 bytes)

wbflute.jpg (55197 bytes)

wbgroup2.jpg (49671 bytes)


July 21, 2007

Bassackwards Bowling

bowllinda.jpg (12197 bytes)bowlballs.jpg (21787 bytes)The thunderous sounds emanating from the Columbus Bowling Palace were not caused by balls striking the bowling pins.....it was the sounds of laughter (and sometimes the vibrations of biscuits hitting the floor) from the sixteen Flowers of the Victorian Bouquets.
Linda, Duchess of Carousels, hosted the "Bassackwards Bowling" event on Saturday, July 21.  The first order of business, was to decide what color of ball to use! 

bowlmar.jpg (13468 bytes)Not only did The Duchess graciously give little purple bags of sweets as favors, but SHE is the brains behind each designated form to be used in each bowling frame.  And what forms we saw!!!  For instance, there was the Three legged form, The blindfold form (we're still picking feathers from between our teeth), The Hokey Pokey form, Through the legs form, No hands form, Praying for a strike (or even to hit just one pin) form, Backwards through the legs form, Hot Red Hat Mama form, etc., etc.........



bowlthreelegged.jpg (19292 bytes)

bowlblind.jpg (16551 bytes)

bowlpray.jpg (16682 bytes)

bowlcween.jpg (10678 bytes)

There were a couple of unplanned forms.


bowlalice.jpg (17646 bytes)

bowlbertha.jpg (14609 bytes)

 Those Flowers not bowling, formed the cheering squad.  

bowl5.jpg (21547 bytes)

bowlcheer.jpg (34572 bytes)

Kati, Lady Lilac was formally sworn in as one more beautiful Flower into our Bouquet

 bowlkati.jpg (13645 bytes)

Lunch was served and prizes awarded. 


bowlfood.jpg (21807 bytes)

bowlwinner.jpg (18996 bytes)

bowlchamp.jpg (14929 bytes)

As has become the custom, whenever the Flowers of the Bouquet gather, there's lots of love and laughter.  On this day, some Flowers were able to leave their worries behind for a few hours and some took some new worries home......like, "Will I ever be able to stand up straight again?", "Did I fracture a hip?", or "How long will this soreness last?"  Rub in that liniment, get out the heating pads, get a good rest, cause we're gettin' ready to "Roll Out the Barrel" again!!!

bowlcake.jpg (19092 bytes)


June 16, 2007

The Washboard Music Festival


Down by the beach

 lived the sweetest little peach,

And I must say she just 

had the cutest way,

Playing a chord up on a washboard.
The folks would gather rown', 
from ev' ry where in town, 
just to hear her play.


- lyrics from Coney Island Washboard

wbfest15.jpg (27794 bytes)Music, food, and crafts!  What a great day for the 18 flowers that traveled to Logan for the Washboard Festival.  A few ladies got restless and couldn't wait to get to the Washboard Company for the first stop on our itinerary.

wbfest11.jpg (21288 bytes)Entering the factory we were greeted by the music man.  A few ladies decided to walk around the factory just looking and shopping while some others took the guided tour.  There were a lot of washboards and other goodies taken out to washb8.jpg (103987 bytes) our cars!

Some ladies decided to take advantage of the transportation provided to the downtown area while others went the old fashion way, on foot.





 We listened to the music....

wbfest7.jpg (23284 bytes)

washb9.jpg (99200 bytes)

 ... enjoyed good food

 .. and enjoyed the company of our 
Red Hat Sisters!

wbfest5.jpg (23964 bytes)


wbfest10.jpg (21225 bytes)

wbfest14.jpg (22631 bytes).

washb10.jpg (47465 bytes)

washb1.jpg (61654 bytes)

.washb5.jpg (77836 bytes)

wbfest3.jpg (45140 bytes)



May 5, 2007

Kentucky Derby Day Potluck
Mistress of Contrary Garden's Veranda

The sun shines bright in the old Kentucky home
'Tis summer, the people are gay;
The corn top's ripe and the meadow's in the bloom,
While the birds make music all the day....

The sun may not have been shining in Barb's Ohio home, it's still only spring, and the corn is not yet knee high, but the flowers that gathered for our Kentucky Derby Day event were certainly in full bloom and very gay.  

kdhost.jpg (182364 bytes)We celebrated the 133rd running of the Kentucky Derby Derby with great food and great friends.  Street Sense may have won, followed by Hard Spun and Curlin but they weren't the only winners of the day, we held some racing of our own.  

With the sound of the kazoos we were off and running..... Queen Marilyn, wearing the number three, came from behind to win the first race.  The second race was won by number two Marchesa of the Nimble Thimble by a nose.  The final race of the day was won by number one Princess of Inane Silliness who won by 4 lengths!  Number three "Rae" Ruler of Radiant Light never got out of the starting gate!

Thank you Mistress of Contrary Gardens, we had a wonderful day!

kdfun.jpg (157580 bytes)

kdrae.jpg (166396 bytes)

kdroyalty.jpg (142686 bytes)

kdfun2.jpg (160012 bytes)

kdkitchen.jpg (161547 bytes)

kdtonia.jpg (91383 bytes)

kdrace2.jpg (141333 bytes)



April 21, 2007

Aunt Ivy's Tea Room 


Sauntivyvicki.jpg (127991 bytes)pring has sprung and the Flowers of the Victorian Bouquet came into bloom in a burst of a beautiful show of Red & Purple colors!  What a glorious day to gather and have tea at Aunt Ivy's Tea House!

Nothing was going to keep Queen Marilyn cooped up at home with a brand, spanking, new knee replacement that auntivyanna.jpg (156783 bytes) had taken place just a week and a half before.  Can't keep a Royal Queen down long!  Her loyal subjects mean too much to her.

Because the long winter had brought on the sniffles to Vicki, Princess Happy Heart, her nose blowing was tolerated. 

Anna, Countess of Creativity, was anxious to show off herauntivyrae.jpg (170903 bytes) new fish net stockings.  (Just don't put your feet on the table, Countess, it's not proper for a lady.) 

Cween Carole was determined to prove that it is truly spring time by wearing her "Spring Red Hat" with the bobble head bunnies.  auntivyeva.jpg (177120 bytes)Can you imagine the nerve of Liz, Marchesa of the Nimble Thimble, suggesting that the Cween attach a bird to the top of that hat?!

Birthdays were celebrated the Red Hat way as we awaited our lunches, and plans for future projects were discussed.   



auntivy2.jpg (179793 bytes)

auntivyt1.jpg (183697 bytes)

auntivylois.jpg (164918 bytes)

auntivylola.jpg (151506 bytes)


March 31, 2007

Mystery Ride & 4th Anniversary

What could be happening today to the Flowers of the Victorian Bouquet??  

It's a mystery!

redvb3-07_037.jpg (35117 bytes)4alost.jpg (181684 bytes)Lovely ladies came together to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the gathering of beautiful Flowers to form the Victorian Bouquets chapter of the Red Hat Society.  Cween Carole was going to lead them to the mysterious point of destination.  Hopefully, there would be food!  Where were they going???........Damon's for delicious, messy ribs?.....Max & Irma's for a juicy burger?....Hoover Grille to overlook the water...Ooops, we're turning!!  Just ahead is the Victorian Bouquet banner and red hat balloons indicating our destination!

The club house was decorated with bouquets all around and the scintillating smell of Italian food permeated the nostrils causing the mouth to water!  YUM!

 We can't eat yet?! 

Aware of the fact that the Flowers are a bouquet of above average intelligence and quite quick and perceptive, Mrs. Bookworm, the librarian, asked for their assistance in solving the crime of "Who Stole the Cookies" from the fundraising cookie cupboard.

redvb3-07_027.jpg (36239 bytes)Flowers were assigned, and accepted in good humor, character roles and clues to help solve the mystery.  The main suspects were:  

Aladdin, Alice, Cinderella, Dorothy, Goldilocks, Little Red Riding Hood, Peter Pan, ....and Snow White 

As we partook of a delicious meal of spaghetti and meatballs, salad, breadsticks, wine or sparkling juices, we shared clues to this dastardly deed! 

The celebration cake was served and heads came together to announce each Flower's opinion of the guilty party or parties.

Well.........As it turned out, Peter Pan and Goldilocks worked together!  While Mrs. Bookworm had the cookie cupboard open adding cookies Goldilocks was donating, Peter distracted her by threatening to test the fire extinguisher.  Mrs. Bookworm went to discuss this with him, and she left the key in the lock of the cupboard.  Goldilocks took the cookies and hid them in the back room, closed the cupboard and gave Mrs. Bookworm the key.  Later Peter and Goldilocks ate the cookies.

As many outsiders whom observed from the pool area and the doorway can attest to, lots of laughing and a whopping good time was had by all!  We all feel we have the bestest gathering of Red Hatters anywhere and look forward to our fifth year of wonderful playtimes together!!

redvb3-07_047.jpg (40917 bytes)

redvb3-07_035.jpg (32136 bytes)

redvb3-07_045.jpg (33255 bytes)

redvb3-07_046.jpg (42986 bytes)

redvb3-07_053.jpg (27885 bytes)

redvb3-07_062.jpg (31860 bytes)

redvb3-07_011.jpg (39222 bytes) redvb3-07_041.jpg (56475 bytes) VB_4th_Anniversary_017.jpg (2587899 bytes)