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Our Fourth Year


March 18, 2006
Our Third Anniversary

Claddagh Irish Pub

July 15, 2006
Schmidt's Sausage Haus

Oct. 21, 2006

First Ladies' Library

April 15, 2006

Raven's Glen Winery

July 30, 2006
Picnic in the Park

Nov. 18, 2006

Animals by Arleta

April 25, 2006

Impromptu Picnic

Aug. 19, 2006
Landoll's Mohican Castle
Dec. 9, 2006
Holiday Party

May 13, 2006

Photo Scavenger Hunt & Pizza House

Sept. 16, 2006
Columbus Zoo

Jan. 13, 2007

Strut 'n Hunt

June 17, 2006

Cheeseburger in Paradise


Feb. 17, 2007

What Happened?

February 17, 2007

What happened to February's Event??? 
One women's story ....

Hi Queens!I 

I sprang from my bed to get ready for the Red Hat event today, but the Red Door was piled with snow and would not budge. I had my red boots on and was ready to go, only to hear, there is too much snow. I took a stroll around the back yard, but the snow was too deep and I needed a rest.

I sat on the swing for a short little break, but icicles formed on my nose. So its back to the house to get under my blanket and maybe a cat to keep me warm.


2-17-07_002.jpg (60217 bytes)

2-17-07_010.jpg (74452 bytes)

2-17-07_003.jpg (53154 bytes)

2-17-07_007.jpg (41806 bytes)

2-17-07_008.jpg (27805 bytes)

2-17-07_004.jpg (85539 bytes)

2-17-07_005.jpg (28053 bytes)

2-17-07_006.jpg (28926 bytes)

2-17-07_009.jpg (73073 bytes)

2-17-07_001.jpg (21224 bytes)

... and that's what happened with February's Event!


Strut n' Hunt & Lunch at Lindey's

January 13, 2007


Frosting for the cake....

Mmm, the smell of strawberry tarts and stormy nights….

Pots & tots...

What brings about gossip is a really .........

Lemurs like it like it, and if you turn the dial, it’s a great find…. 

Its in the "bag".....


snhj1.jpg (26551 bytes)We gathered at the Food Court where two by two ladies drew numbers to decide on the teams for the "name that store" Strut n' Hunt.  We were going to strut around the mall, hunt for bargains, and try winning the bragging rights as the team that could identify the most store names.  

snhg2.jpg (23567 bytes)Some ladies decided to try solving the clues before even leaving the food court while others headed out as fast as they could.  Sales and bargains could be found all around the mall and of course we had to stop and shop along the way.snhg4.jpg (18836 bytes)

Two ladies took full advantage of one of the vendor's offer and had a hand massage.  There is nothing like a little pampering and they were pleased with their new hand cream purchase.

snhj2.jpg (28066 bytes)Slowly we all gathered back at noon outside of Lindey's where we knew great food was waiting for us.  

snhj5.jpg (24108 bytes)Lindey's has a wonderful lunch menu with quiche, salmon, eggs benedict, chicken & vegetable tart, salads, sandwiches, and soups.  It was hard to make a decision but everyone was pleased with what they had ordered.  The wait staff did a fantastic job They were attentive and very friendly.  Twenty ladies left the restaurant very happy and satisfied.

The winners, with only 4 store names wrong out of a possible 50, was Princess Daughter Mary and Princess of Inane Silliness Robin.  Great job ladies!


snhfc.jpg (26009 bytes)

snhg1.jpg (21026 bytes)

snhrest.jpg (27986 bytes)

snhj6.jpg (23316 bytes)

.... and the answers are:


Yankee Candle

Pottery Barn Kids

Hot Topic

The Discovery Channel

Saks Fifth Avenue



Holiday Party
December 9, 2006


It's the most wonderful time of the year!

With Red Hat Flowers gathering from the Bouquet,

saying we're glad to be here,  dec06_084.jpg (41054 bytes)

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

There'll be parties for hosting, christmas_party_2006_002.jpg (896864 bytes)

marshmallows and fruit for dipping, dec06_107.jpg (76453 bytes)

kazoo playing to hear. christmas_party_2006_038.jpg (926712 bytes)

There'll be games to play, dec06_113.jpg (70063 bytes)

and vows to say. christmas_party_2006_035.jpg (1084593 bytes)

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

There'll be gifts to exchange, dec06_120.jpg (82338 bytes)

and food to be tasted too. christmas_party_2006_021.jpg (1044709 bytes)

There'll be memories to share christmas_party_2006_041.jpg (1049812 bytes)

of times here and there

and those yet to be made. christmas_party_2006_031.jpg (1200693 bytes)

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

The Flowers of the Victorian Bouquet send

love and cheer to everyone dear.

They look forward to another wonderful year

with Red Hat Sisters everywhere.





Animals By Arleta Museum and Gallery

November 18, 2006


analois.JPG (15153 bytes)The Victorian Bouquets met their match in wonderful, wild, characters....the only difference in the two groups is that group one is quiet, stiff and hairy and group two is full of laughter and life, not to mention one refinedanaruby.jpg (30831 bytes) member, Lois, Duchess of Windsor, (not to be a name dropper), who wore a red hat made from a red bedpan with a kidney stone nestled inside. Cween Carole, always fashionable, wore beautiful red sequined shoes that were slightly too large.  To remedy this problem, she cleverly kept them from slipping off by taping them with packing tape around her foot. ( We didn't check closely to see how many of "group two" were hairy!) 


anaarleta.JPG (36638 bytes)These two groups came together at "Animals by Arleta" in Marysville, Ohio where Lola, Lady Gardenia and Carol, Lady Dragonfly hosted our November event.  This spectacular exhibit of animals is the brainchild and creation of Arleta, whom at the age of 52 made a rocking horse for her first grandchild and for the past 23 years, has been sculpting these beautiful, lifelike creatures. The animals are sculpted in wood, covered with foam, and hand stitched in faux fur fabrics.  Arleta is a true recycler.  She uses balls cut in half for eyes, milk jugs for ears, yard sticks from her husbands work shop....just about anything she can find. 


anacheetah.JPG (11256 bytes)In the museum itself are over 80 animals ranging from cobra snakes, 14 1/2 ft. giraffe with her babies, bears, buffalo, many bird species, many  breeds of dogs, and of course, the gorgeous wild cats just to name a few.


anaeagle.jpg (46418 bytes)The Flowers of the Bouquet enjoyed a delicious luncheon with the animals and as usual, much laughter and chatting could be heard.  At times as you glanced over at the animals, your imagination could get carried away and you would begin to wonder if it weren't the animals watching in amazement at this mass of red and purple who seemed so strange!


Kazoos were played to honor Arleta and the Novemberanapaula.jpg (23228 bytes) birthdays, Queen Marilyn, Bertha, Lady Flicka, and Cyndy, Mistress of the Frugal Wardrobe Extraordinaire. 


The afternoon ended just in time for these Red Hat fans of Ohio State to return home to watch an amazing game with  the number one college football team, Ohio State, BEAT the number two college football team in the Big Ten, Michigan!  O---H---I---O!  GO BUCKS!!!


anamary.jpg (37956 bytes)

analola.jpg (49600 bytes)

anajoyce.jpg (48265 bytes)

anatable2.JPG (14279 bytes)



First Ladies' Library

October 21, 2006


Duchess of Windsor Lois and Lady Butterfly Marilyn planned a wonderful day for us with a Victorian Tea and a tour of the First Ladies' Library and the Victorian Home of Ida Saxton McKinley.

Tea is served!

vboct06011.jpg (64436 bytes)

fltable2.JPG (12126 bytes)

The First Ladies Tea Room was our first stop where we enjoyed pumpkin scones with lemon curd and clotted cream, chicken salad, broccoli quiche, and Kahlua chocolate cake along with wonderful teas such as chocolate rooibos, white magnolia oolong, and peach and apricot. The food was delicious and the service was wonderful.

Our next stop was the First Ladies' Library education center where we viewed the exhibit "Making the Grade".  This exhibit showcases the unique contributions of First Ladies Lady Bird Johnson, Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush, Grace Coolidge, Caroline Harrison, Lucretia Garfield and Abigail Fillmore to education.

The last stop on the tour was the Victorian home of Ida Saxton McKinley, wife of President William McKinley.  The public rooms of the house have been restored to their original splendor, complete with ornate historical wallpaper and period furniture. Great care has been taken to ensure that all design elements, including patterns of wallpaper, carpets and area rugs, are authentic.  A photo or portrait of every first lady hangs in the restored third floor ballroom.

We gathered one last time for the day in the courtyard for our group picture after a truly Victorian event.

vboct06020.jpg (46586 bytes)

10-06FirstLadiestea009.jpg (1450578 bytes)

10-06FirstLadiestea016.jpg (842420 bytes)

vboct06013.jpg (38090 bytes)



Box Lunch Social at the Columbus Zoo

September 16, 2006

zoo007.jpg (1442707 bytes)zoo009.jpg (1374131 bytes)Autumn was in the air with beautiful blue skies and crisp air for our Box Lunch Social and trip to the Columbus Zoo.  Each flower who brought a lunch for two paired up with a flower who brought a dessert for two.  Old friends and new feasted, chatted, and discovered things that they didn't know they had in common.

Rae, Ruler of Radiant Light and Mary, Princess Daughter were officially given their titles and formally presented zmsash.JPG (427583 bytes) with the  Royal Order of the Sash.  Birthday hugs were given to Lady Gardenia Lola as she waszlolahug.jpg (32829 bytes) trying to collect 100 hugs in honor of her birthday.  A rousing  rendition of Happy Birthday was sung for Lady of Laughter Linda, Princess of Sunshine Paula, and Lady Gardenia Lola.  We all had such a good time visiting and laughing that we almost didn't make it into the Zoo!

Jack Hanna's Fall Fest was in full swing and the Zoo was very busy.  Upon entering the Zoo we were greeted by a rather friendly Big Boy. Never to turn down a photo op, we invited Big Boy to have a picture taken with us.  After looking over the Zoo map it was decided that we'd head to the Australia exhibits to visit Lorikeet Gardens.  zbigb.JPG (367058 bytes)Several ladies heard the "call of the wild" and wandered off, never to be seen again that day.  Last time we looked, some were heading for the gift shop!

zlorikeet.jpg (37082 bytes)Our colorful hats with feathers flowers blended in perfectly with the lories and lorikeets in their feeding area.  They gathered around us and perched on our shoulders and hands while we held cups of the nectar.  They certainly were not "shy and retiring" but neither are we!

zlorikeet2.jpg (39409 bytes)While in Australia we visited the habitat of the kangaroos, where we strolled among them.  We spotted the Koalas who were fast asleep.  We also spent some time in the Pachyderms exhibit viewing a mamma elephant and her new infant.  Mama followed her baby everywhere and was very attentive.   The monkeys and gorillas  entertained us in Africa but what we truly wanted to see were the giraffes!  Surely the giraffes would be found in Africa in the hoofed animal exhibit.  Nope, not a giraffe to be found!  After walking around the whole area Princess Daughter Mary saw a sign that said "the giraffes may be seen at The Wilds".  Can you believe it, no giraffes!!!!  Some flower's petals wilted from the disappointment.

The Islands of the Southeast boat ride was just what was needed to take a break from the heat and to cheer up from our disappointment.  We saw the otters taking a small nap next to the water and several artifacts that the Contessa of Hosta Lovers Joyce decided that she just had to have for her garden.  If she had every artifact she "wanted", her backyard zboat2.jpg (78897 bytes)would look like the excavation of the Terra Cotta Warriors.  Needless to say the zboats.jpg (122023 bytes) Contessa of Hosta Lovers went home artifactless.

Soon the feet were just too tired and the day was getting  shorter as we headed to the parking lot and said farewell to the day.  It was a great day of sisterhood and friendship.  Next spring we'll find those giraffes!




Landoll's Mohican Castle

August 19, 2006


landoll3.jpg (695729 bytes)What is funnier than four ladies in one van trying to follow a map that is not to scale?  The answer:  three cars following each other using the same map!  We arrived with plenty of time to spare but not after a few sharp corners on some country roads, the driver laughing like the Wicked Witch of the West, the navigator insisting that the driver missed a road, and serious giggling by the passengers.

landoll.jpg (669769 bytes)The Royal Queens led their loyal Subjects up the winding road to the Landoll;s Mohican Castle.  Awaiting them were more Flower Maidens.  landollVicki.jpg (611012 bytes)Liz, Marchesa of the Nimble Thimble was our hostess for the day.  She gave each of us a handmade purse and made sure we had plenty of games to play.  She enlisted the help of Cyndy, Mistress of the Frugal Warderobe Extraordinaire who designed our song books.  While waiting for lunch we sang some familiar songs proving that LandollRamora.jpg (665342 bytes) some songs should be performed only by the sweet sounds of our kazoos.  Vicki, Princess Happy Heart gave up singing to do what she enjoys best, dance.

What better place for a lovely Flower to take her vows.  Rae, Ruler of Radiant Light, with her right hand on her hat, took very seriously the vows she read and was presented with her official Victorian Bouquet red wax lips, clacker, and kazoo.

lmcanita.jpg (361625 bytes)Ever watchful and protective, several Native  Americans (statues) stood guard.  In the private room of the Legends Anita, landollcarole.jpg (816193 bytes) Amazing Marquesa of Mayhem, couldn't resist a peek to see exactly what that Indian was wearing.  Contessa Carole spotted a cute little dog and couldn't resist the urge to pet it.

A few energetic ladies took the optional tour.  We were shown around the grounds and toured several of the rooms in the castle.  Walking up those paths certainly wore off the calories consumed at lunch!

Thanks Liz for such a wonderful day and thank you for the directions to get home an easier way!



Picnic in the Park

July 30, 2006


A perfect Sunday afternoon with Red Hat sisters!


picnic5.JPG (375458 bytes) picnic2.JPG (329203 bytes)
picnic10.jpg (555504 bytes) picnic20.jpg (440562 bytes)
picnic7.JPG (276723 bytes) picnic12.jpg (484526 bytes)



Schmidt's Sausage Haus

July 15, 2006


"...Over a century of hospitality
in the heart of German Village..."


schbuffet2.jpg (40434 bytes)schvicki.jpg (44151 bytes)What do Red Hatters, brats, kazoos, German potato salad, and cream puffs have in common?  Nothing, but we had a great time when we mixed them all together at our July event at Schmidt's Sausage Haus in historic German Village.

Before you could say "Bahama Mama" one table disappeared in a flurry of purple and red!  Off they headed to the Autobaun Bufffet featuring everything from soup to brats.  While we waited for our bahama mama and bratwurst sandwiches, Princess Happy Heart explained the creative uses for "undies".  Was that a woman's or a man's undies????  You might remember at the anniversary party Princess Happy Heart demonstrated how to make a bra out of a napkin!

schcathy.JPG (336256 bytes)Before desert we had the "Royal Order of the Sash" for Contessa of Crowd Control Cathy.  She had forgotten to bring her "Get Out of Jail Free" cards, and we certainly could have used them! 

schjudy.JPG (298751 bytes)Oh my, the deserts!  The 1/2 pound cream puffs, german chocolate cake, and the wonderful apple strudel were out of this world.  Now it's always nice to share your desert but Flashing Diva Judy came prepared to steal the cream puff off Mistress of the Contrary Gardens Barb's plate!

With full tummies, smiling faces, and checks paid we gathered in front of the building for our group picture.  Once again we said "see you next month" as we left for the Fudge Haus, shopping, and home.

schtable1.JPG (344643 bytes)

schmarilyn.jpg (92444 bytes)

schtable2.JPG (320746 bytes)

schtables.JPG (403118 bytes)

schsilly2.jpg (59257 bytes)



Cheeseburger in Paradise

June 17, 2006


To quote Jimmy Buffet:

"Cheeseburger in paradise 
Heaven on earth with an onion slice 
Not too particular not too precise 
I’m just a cheeseburger in paradise"


chlinda.jpg (49262 bytes)A cheeseburger in paradise is just what we had when the Flowers of the Bouquet gathered on a nice and sunny Saturday.  Let's see now, should we put all the tables together or not, We tried them all together but then decided on separate tables to accommodate all of us.  The wait staff was very attentive and quick.  Before you knew it our drinks were served and the games began!

chrae.jpg (97469 bytes)Our first game was the "Peculiar Game" where you received points for various items of clothing you wear.  Lady Butterfly Marilyn walked away with the prize.  She had a lot of buttons!

Next on the list was an "In Your Seat Scavenger Hunt".  chalice2.jpg (34672 bytes)You know how the Victorian Bouquets are with scavenger hunts.  This one was very mild after our last scavenger hunt.  We finished the game in a tie.  The list was read in random order until only one lady had the item.  Madame Butterfly Alice's daughter Tonia came out the victor.  Speaking of Madame Butterfly, she came properly topped for the occasion!  Right on queue our lunch arrived.

chrosemary.JPG (287603 bytes)Oh the food!  From "I Will Play for Gumbo" to "Cheeseburger in Paradise" to "Mardis Gras Mushroom Swiss Burger" to "Corral Reefer Crab Cakes" to "Island Chef Salad" to "Chocolate Nachos" to "Key Lime Pie" to....... the list goes on and each one delicious!

Following lunch we had the "Royal Order of the Sash" for Lady Leprechaun Rosemary.  Little did we know at the time but a table of little girls where just getting a kick out of our ceremony's and games.  They kept watching and laughing with us.  They especially loved our "Happy Birthday" played to our June birthday girl Lois on our kazoos!

As always, time flies when you're having fun.  We finished our meals, paid our checks, and gathered for our group picture.  I can't wait until next month! 


chrobin.jpg (90793 bytes)

chtable22.JPG (275873 bytes)

chtable1.JPG (356043 bytes)

chtable2.JPG (365364 bytes)

chtable3.JPG (349764 bytes)

chjudy.JPG (271071 bytes)



Photo Scavenger Hunt &
Pizza House

May 13, 2006


shpy.jpg (86518 bytes)Human pyramids, purple bras, frozen cheesecakes, public restrooms, large packages of meat, games of leap frog,shfarm.jpg (123074 bytes) bodies of water......nothing was safe when the Victorian  Bouquets had a photo scavenger hunt.  Two teams, headed by Queen Marilyn and Contessa of Creative Spirit Carole, scavenged Westerville searching for just the right items and the right pictures.

The two teams crossed paths twice, at the fire department and when Contessa Carole, in a the spirit of winning, tried to run down our team crossing the street!

vbmay019.jpg (89252 bytes)We hung from jungle gyms, ran through freshly fertilized fields, visited public restrooms, and grocery stores for just that right picture.  We sang "I'm a Little Tea Pot" to perfect strangers and did the Hokey Pokey at gas stations.  Yes, we received some strange looks but we sure had a blast!

phpizza.jpg (116449 bytes)After trying to get just ONE MORE PICTURE, both teams arrived at the Pizza House where Duchess of Carousel Linda's husband had prepared a wonderful pizza buffet for us.  Endless salad, chicken wings, and soft drinks were waiting for us as we came in screeching to a halt.  In addition to the variety of pizzas we had on order, he brought out two new creations for us to try; sauerkraut and sausage and barbequed chicken.  Both pizzas received our stamp of approval.  The Pizza House is deserving of the award for "Best Pizza in Columbus".

shjudy1.jpg (74202 bytes)After lunch we dubbed both Judys (Marvelous Madame of Mystery and Flashing Diva) with their official titles and presented them with the Royal Order of the Sash.

shjudy2.jpg (71788 bytes)As we viewed and judged the pictures taken by both teams gales of laughter could be heard throughout the restaurant.  Team names were chanted trying to sway the judges.  Queen Marilyn's team was awarded the blue ribbon (under protest by Contessa Carole's team ... two pictures are in question).

As we said farewell and were ready to depart, Contessa of Hosta Lovers Joyce presented each of us with a geranium in celebration of Mother's Day.  Thank you Linda, Joyce, and everyone for such a wonderful day!


National Red Hat Day
Impromptu Picnic Party in the Park
(or how the Flowers froze their buds off)
April 25, 2006

park11.jpg (81444 bytes)park12.jpg (97591 bytes)What is more appropriate for National Red Hat Day than having fun the Red Hat way!
Flowers of the Victorian Bouquet lived up to the poem, "When I'm an old woman......."
They came out in their slippers in the rain and played like little girls again.  Sounds of giggling, shivering, chattering teeth, knocking knees, blowing bubbles, and hip swinging with the hula hoops!  We really felt like little girls huddling under blankets to keep warm.

highwater.jpg (75758 bytes)

highwater2.jpg (116521 bytes)

park5.jpg (222173 bytes)

highwater3.jpg (82704 bytes)



Raven's Glenn Winery

April 15, 2006


ravenreduate.jpg (475275 bytes)With coffee cups in hand and the sun trying to make an appearance we began our road trip to Raven's Glenn Winery.  ravenc5.jpg (95341 bytes)Flowering redbud, forsythia, and cherry trees as well as new leaves on the trees made for a very scenic and enjoyable trip, as did our many side trips to local fast food restaurant to visit their fine restrooms.

We celebrated a Reduation!  Wearing the ceremonial red hat and reciting the poem "Warning", Princess of Inane Silliness Robin walked the pink stone path while running her stick along the fence, picking flowers, and learning how to spit.  Stepping on the last stone, red of course, she received her new red hat.  Congratulations Robin!

ravenb1.jpg (91343 bytes)It didn't take long for us to find our way to theravenb2.jpg (110157 bytes) wine tasting area.  We sampled five sweet varieties, Raven Rouge, Sweet Sonnet, Apple, Raspberry, and Blackberry wines.  We even got to keep the wine glass.  Bottles of our favorite wines were purchased for pick-up after lunch and we headed toward the dining room.

In keeping with the spirit of "dessert first" a few of us ordered a glass of Chantilly Lace, a wonderful dessert wine.  After one flower took a sip, she excused herself and went to purchase a bottle to add to her take-home collection.

raven6.JPG (268201 bytes)raveneaster.jpg (88348 bytes)After placing our lunch orders we had plenty of time to play Happy Birthday on our kazoos to celebrate our April birthday ladies.  With the many wine barrels decorating the dining room, what better place to play "Roll our the Barrel".  A few ladies celebrated Easter with their new bunny hats.

All too soon we picked up our purchases and headed home.  Another fine day as we considered the motto "Wine….just enjoy and keep it simple."  


Claddagh Irish Pub

March 18, 2006

Happy Third Anniversary!


May your thoughts be as glad as the shamrock,

May your heart be light as a song,

May each day bring you bright, happy hours,

That stay with you all the year long.


cllois.jpg (151338 bytes)Though most of the hats were Pink or Red, there was lots of  "wearin' of the green" and on this day, we all claim to be a little bit Irish!  Each Flower of the Bouquet sprouted shamrocks or gold, and shared a fair amount  of "blarney".                                                  

Barbara, Mistress of Contrary Gardens was our hostess for this event and lovely purple bags containing various little  gifts were clbarb.jpg (320810 bytes) presented to all.  Our Mistress also arranged for two games to be played which surely tested our sharpness.......this after many of us indulged in some tasty Irish coffee. 

clvicki2.jpg (93273 bytes)  (Personally, I can't report on who won those games or what prizes were awarded, but I did enjoy

Not only were we celebrating St. Patrick's

Queen Marilyn and Contessa Carole thought this anniversary would be the perfect time to honor the Red/Pink Sash Ceremony* and present each Flower with her own sash and dub her Madame, Mistress, Princess, or whatever title the Flower chose.

clcyndy.jpg (185438 bytes) cllindaa.jpg (142213 bytes)


As can be surmised, there was much laughter, kazooing, and clacking taking place.  What better way to begin year number four and with great anticipation, we will begin our fourth year with this Irish Blessing.........


As you slide down the banister of life, 

may the splinters never point the wrong way!

clkazoo.jpg (156076 bytes) clcake.jpg (161100 bytes)

*Thank you Joan Taylor, Lady Laughs for "The Exalted Red Sash Ceremony"


Special Events


Queen Marilyn and Cween Carole were graciously invited by Queen Ruth and Co-Queen Lola of the Worthington Ramblin' Roses, to the Asian Cuisine to perform a surprise Reduation ceremony for Mary Kay.

It was a wonderful fun afternoon with Sister Red Hatters!


marykay.jpg (22120 bytes) marykay2.jpg (33340 bytes)


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